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Welcome to the website. We are Harold Sanders and Douglas Bryant, the two friends who wrote each and every article here.We started this website two years ago, in 2017. Back then, both of us possessed a decent experience in washing machine repair. Harold had worked as a tech for four years, while Douglas had had a three-year experience.
Creating this website was a way for us to share our experience with each other. We both thought that it would be beneficial for us to combine our knowledge. Also, Harold is fond of writing (something he cannot do at his main job!), while Douglas wanted to try creating a website on his own. While the articles were written mostly by Harold, Douglas has also contributed to the final version by adding the things he learned when working as an appliance repair professional.
The result of our work is here, in front of you. These articles explore various issues regarding washing machine repair and service. Also, we wanted to create a buying guide that would suit customers with various needs.
Both of us are still working as appliance repair professionals. Our expertise is growing, and we are regularly adding new articles containing the information we have learned.
Both of us currently live in Lansing, Michigan, but we grew up in other cities. Harold Sanders moved here four years ago, while Douglas Bryant has spent five years in Lansing. Harold grew up in Warren, Michigan, while Douglas grew up in Sterling Heights.
We hope our website will help you find the information you are looking for. More importantly, it will help you resolve the problems that have brought you here. In case you want us to add an article on a topic that is interesting to you, feel free to contact us. If we find your question interesting, you will soon read a new post exploring the topic!

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail: