Ariston boilers troubleshooting

Ariston CLAS HE 24 boiler troubleshooting

1 01Overheating
5 01No flame detection
1 03, 1 04, 1 05, 1 06, 1 07Insufficient circulation
3 05P.C.B error
3 06P.C.B error
3 07P.C.B error

Ariston E-Combi 24 boiler troubleshooting

Insufficient circulationWater pressure
Bleed heat exchanger
Pump operation
CH return filter for blockages
Circulation around boiler (blockages)
ntc temperature sensors
Insufficient water (request filling)Water pressure gauge for correct pressure
Check for waterleaks on the entire system
CH Flow temp, probe circuit open/ short circuitCheck connections and wiring to temp sensors
CH Flow temp, probe circuit open/ short circuitResistance values of temp sensors
Heating delivery probe problemDetails in maintenance guide in installation manual
Floor thermostat contact openCheck terminals TA2 for presence of link wire
EEPROM ErrorCheck the EEPROM connection onto the pcb
Communication errorCheck connection and wiring onto all devices, main and display pcb
Too many (>5) resets in 5 minutesIdentify reason for lockout from table and check for relevant faults
No Flame detectedInsufficient working gas pressure
1st Ignition failedSpark electrode/wiring connectors
2nd Ignition failedIgnition electrode/wiring connectors
Flame cut-offSpark generator/wiring connectors
Check flue system for correct assembly/ termination
Check earth
Gas valve
C02 settings
Soft light rate
Flame detected with gas valve closedIgnition electrode/wiring connectors
Ignition electrode wiring connection onto main pcb
Flame liftInsufficient working gas pressure
Check flue system for correct assembly/ termination
C02 settings
Thermofuse openCheck wiring and connections to thermofuse
Check integriry of main heat exchanger
Fan speed errorCheck fan
Check wiring connections from fan to pcb

Ariston GENUS HE 35 Plus boiler troubleshooting

A01Three ignition attempts
A03The output temperature exceeds 105°C during operation
A07Too many flame separations over a period during operation
A17Input water circulation fault
A18No water circulation
A33Fan problem
A97Electronic control problem
A98Electronic control problem
A99Electronic control problem