Baxi boiler all error code

Baxi boiler error code e133

This code appears when there is a gas supply or flame issue.


  1. Check the flame-sensing electrode. If it is rust or damaged, replace it. (£50 including the work);
    2. Replaced the electrode lead (£11, just the lead);
    3. Pull the electrode away from the burner to widen the gap;
    4) If the gap is too wide, push the electrode toward the burner;
    5) Rinse or clean the condenser pipe;

Baxi boiler error code 10e

The 10E code indicates low water pressure.

How do I increase water pressure?

  • Cut the power and gas.
  • Make sure pressure is between 1 and 1.5 on a 1-to-4 pressure gauge.
  • If you realize the pressure is too high, use the water spout (very carefully!), which is located next to the pressure gauge, to release pressure.
  • To fill the boiler with water, turn the red knob counter clockwise, which you can see under it. Once you hear water running into it, wait until the pressure reaches 1.5. Turn the knob clockwise.
  • Do not exceed the 1.5 mark!!!

Baxi boiler error code e160

This error occurs when the boiler’s fan gets too slow – below 5400 rpm (at a normal altitude) or 5150 (at higher altitudes).

Check the air flow system: the filters and blower wheel. To prevent it, do all maintenance procedures properly as you use your boiler.

Baxi boiler error code e1

This error code appears when the system gets overheated. However, this is quite easy to fix. Drain the radiator and check water pressure in the system. If pressure and water level remain low, fill the system using the filling loop.