Baxi boiler fault e168

The E168 fault code appears when the system detects an issue without being able to define its type and cause. This may be due to a fault that has caused it to reset or an issue resulting from external factors, which is, most likely, due to an electricity supply problem.

If the system has reset, there might have been an error code other than E168. Therefore, it is advisable to track and note all codes appearing on the display at different periods of time and circumstances.

There are two common reasons why the E168 fault code appears:

  1. The boiler has reset automatically due to an issue.

There are quite a number of error codes, which could have been displayed before the E168 was shown. These are: E20, E28, E50, E110, E119, E125, E130, E131, E133, E156, E160.

These codes indicate the exact problem, which has caused the boiler to reset. Each one stands for a specific issue, which requires professional help. Actually, these are cause codes, and it is not until these codes are displayed that the E168 code is shown. This may be due to someone trying to adjust the boiler through the use of controls or a digital program that is automatically operating the system. Sometimes it displays E168, because the reset has cleared from its memory the exact cause until the system tries and faces it again, but there is the E168 code instead of the cause code.

  1. Interrupted electricity supply.

No boiler can operate properly without a stable supply of electricity. Any break or fluctuation can cause the system to fail. The E168 error code appears when the system detects a failure without detecting a fault in the boiler, because everything is all right.