Cat Pump Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Your Cat Pump pressure washer isn’t working or isn’t even turning on? It requires repair, but do not rush to contact the repairman or service center and pay money. Below there is a table that describes the possible problems in the work of the pressure washer of this brand, the causes of occurrence and possible ways to solve them. This table can become an indispensable manual which is able to save your time and money.

Cat Pump CT80020 Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Engine hard to start Water in gasoline. Drain entire system and refill with fresh fuel.
Weak spark at spark plug. Contact authorized service center.
Recoil starter rope is difficult to pull. Pull trigger to release water pressure.
Engine lacks power Dirty air filter. Clean or replace air filter.
Dirty fuel filter. Contact authorized service center.
Lubricant level is too high or too low. Add or drain lubricant as needed until the proper level is reached.
Air in line causing idle down feature to per- form incorrectly. With engine off, squeeze trigger until water comes out to remove air from line.
Idle down cable is disconnected. Contact authorized service center.
Detergent fails to mix with spray Detergent injection hose is not properly submerged. Insert injection hose into detergent container.
High pressure nozzle attached. Use Soap Blaster™ Nozzle to apply detergent. Remove or replace injection hose.
Injection hose is clogged/kinked. Clean or replace injector.
Chemical injector is clogged.
Pump doesn’t produce pressure Low pressure nozzle installed. Inadequate water supply. Trigger handle leaks. Replace with high pressure nozzle.
Nozzle is clogged. Provide adequate water flow.
Pump is faulty. Check connections and/or replace trigger wand.
Air in line. Clean nozzle.
Water inlet clogged. Contact authorized service center.
Squeeze trigger on trigger handle to remove air from line.
Clean inlet screen.
Machine doesn’t reach high pressure Diameter of garden hose is too small. Water supply is restricted. Replace with 3/4 in. garden hose.
Not enough inlet water. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks, or block- ages; clean inlet screen.
Wrong nozzle attached. Open water source full force.
Not enough power. Attach high pressure nozzle.
Pressure regulator knob set too low. Increase engine speed.
Adjust pressure regulator knob.
High pressure hose and/or trigger handle will not disconnect. Water pressure is present in hose. Pull trigger to release water pressure.