Chore Master pressure washer troubleshooting

If you are the owner of Chore Master pressure washer you will need the table below. This is a great manual that can be used to repair faults. It is written in simple language that allow using the information even if you are not a professional. It describes the problems of various kinds – pressure washing is not working, is not turning on, has low pressure and so on. Choose your type of failure and solve the problem yourself.

Engine will not start. Various engine problems. Unit components are frozen. Allow to thaw. If any part of the unit becomes frozen; excessive pressure may build up in the unit which could cause the unit to burst resulting in possible serious injury to the operator or bystanders.
No discharge at nozzle when trigger mechanism is squeezed. Inadequate water supply. Ensure hose is 3/4” diameter and incoming water supply is turned on. Remove kink.
Low or fluctuating pressure. Kink in water inlet hose. Replace hose.
Kink in high pressure discharge hose. Water inlet screen obstructed. Remove screen, clean or replace. Tighten all water intake connections
Pump sucking air. (Prime eliminated) Eliminate leaks in intake line. Insert a high pressure nozzle. Remove, clean or replace.
Not in high pressure mode. Obstructed or worn spray nozzle. Damaged or obstructed valve assy. Remove, inspect, clean or replace, on pump.
Pump packings worn. Replace packings.
Bypass valve not operating correctly. Repair or replace.
Water is leaking from the “Heat Dump Valve” Water temperature is too high. Defective valve. Do not allow the unit to operate in the bypass mode (with trigger gun closed) for more than 3 minutes. Replace.
Oil appears milky or foamy. Water in oil. Change pump oil. Fill to proper level.
Oil leaking from unit. DO NOT USE!!!!! Contact Choremaster Customer Service.
Detergent will not siphon into Low Pressure Detergent mode. Detergent strainer is not completely submerged in detergent solution. Detergent strainer obstructed. Check, submerge if necessary. Inspect, clean or replace.
Detergent hose cut, obstructed or kinked. Inspect, clean or replace.
Detergent adjusting knob on pump turned to closed position. (If applicable.’ Open adjusting knob. Refer to )“Cleaning with Detergents”
Not in low pressure mode. Insert 6540° (BLACK) nozzle.
Nozzle assembly is plugged. Clean or replace.
Too many high pressure hose extensions attached to the water outlet. Use one extension maximum.
Ball & Spring in Venturi stuck. Remove, clean or replace.
Water flows back into detergent container. Ball & Spring in Venturi reversed, missing or corroded.
Water flows from the nozzle when the trigger gun is locked in the “OFF” position. Gun is malfunctioning. Repair or replace.