Delonghi air conditioner troubleshooting

If your air conditioner Delonghi ac unit fails, begin by identifying the symptom and checking it in the table below. There you will find expert advice on troubleshooting air conditioning systems provided by the manufacturer, Italian company Delonghi. It can be used both by a professional and a do-it-yourselfer who wants to repair his home appliance without someone’s help.

DeLonghi basic air troubleshooting

The air conditioner does not come on • there is no current • wait
• it is not plugged into the mains the • plug into the mains
• internal safety device has tripped • call the Service Centre
The air conditioner works for a short time only • there are bends or kinks in the air exhaust hose • position the air hose correctly, keeping it as short and free of curves as possible to avoid bottlenecks.
• something is preventing the air from being discharged • check and remove any obstacles obstructing air discharge
The air conditioner works, but does not cool the room • Windows, doors and/or curtains open • close doors, v/indov/s and curtains, bearing in mind the “TIPS FOR CORRECT USE” given above
• there are heat sources in the room (oven, hairdryer, etc) • eliminate the heat sources
• the air exhaust hose is detached from the appliance • fit the air exhaust hose in the housing at the back of the appliance.
• dust filters clogged (the technical specification of the appliance is not adequate for the room in which it is located.) • clean or replace the filters
During operation, there is an unpleasant smell in the room dust filter and (v/hen present) electrostatic filter clogged • clean the filters
The air conditioner does not operate for about three minutes after restarting it • the internal compressor safety device prevents the appliance from being restarted until three minutes have elapsed since it was last turned off. • wait. This delay is part of normal operation.
The symbol /and one of the fofeing messages LT/HL/CF/PF/Ft appears on the appliance display: • The appliance has a self diagnosis system to identify a number of malfunctions.

DeLonghi DD 40P air troubleshooting

The appliance is operating in dehumidifying mode, but the humidity does not decrease. The filter is blocked. Clean the filter.
The temperature or humidity in the room are too low. In certain conditions, it is nor- mal for the appliance not to dehumidify (in certain cases, it is recommended to heat the environment).
The room is too big for the dehumidifying power of the appliance.
Too many sources of humidity in the room (pots of boiling water, etc.).
Decrease the humidity set point.
The humidy set point is too high.
The appliance does not work for 3 minutes after start-up. The safety device has tripped. Wait for 3 minutes to pass.
is displayed The tank is missing. Replace the tank.
The tank is full. Empty the tank.
The tank is incorrectly positioned. Position the tank correctly.
is displayed The temperature in the room is very low. Increase room temperature.
E2/E3 is displayed One of the sensors on the appliance is faulty. Call the Service Centre.
Symbol “PUMP” is displayed The condensation discharge pump is missing. Check the hose is correctly positioned.
Disconnect and reconnect the plug.

DeLonghi CF-CP AR air troubleshooting

The fan does not operate Power failure Check the power supply
Check the fuse on the electronic card
On/off switch on “off’ Put to “on”
Faulty remote control or discharged batteries Check
Faulty fan Check fan motor
Faulty electronic card Check
Insufficient output Clogged mesh filter Clean the filter
Air flow obstructed Remove obstruction
Remote control regulation Check
The appliance does not work, for about 3′ upon starting Form of protection of the mechanism Just wait 3′ and the air-conditioner will start working again
Simultaneous blinking of indicator lights General failure
Noise and vibration Contact between metal parts Check
Loose screws Tighten screws

DeLonghi CF210 air troubleshooting

Problem Check Solution
The appliance does not work. • If there is a power outage • Check it no longer occurs
• If the plug is not correctly inserted in the outlet • Plug into the outlet
• If the outlet switch or the switch on the air conditioning unit is off. • Check the outlet switch or turn the air conditioning unit switch on
• If the condensation tank indicator light is on. • Empty the water in the tank
• If the condensation tank is positioned correctly • Position the condensation tank correctly
The appliance does not cool satisfactorily • If the air intake and outlet grilles are blocked • clean and free from obstructions
• If there are other sources of heat in the room • move the heat source
• If the air filter is very dirty • clean the air filter
• If the temperature set (SET TEMP) is not correct • set the temperature
• If the internal fan speed is on slow • set the fan speed correctly
There is excessive noise and vibration • It is caused by the refrigerant fluid running through the tubes • This is normal
• Is it sloping? • Race the appliance in a horizontal position
The unit shuts down or starts up frequently • Is the air expelled through the exhaust hose correctly or does the hose follow a correct path? • Try and keep the air exhaust hose in as horizontal a position as possible to facilitate evacuation of the air.
• Other exhausts have been connected together on the same hose • Do not use other exhaust hoses, always use the hose supplied to expel the air.

DeLonghi ONE On-Off 7K air troubleshooting

Malfunction Possible causes
• The appliance does not operate Power failure/Plug pulled out
Damaged indoor/outdoor unit fan motor
Faulty compressor thermomagnetic circuit breaker
Faulty protective device or fuses.
Loose connections or plug pulled out
It sometimes stops operating to protect the appliance.
Voltage higher than 244V or lower than 206V
Active TIMER-ON function
Damaged electronic control board
• Strange odour Dirty air filter
• Noise of running water Back flow of liquid in the refrigerant circuit
• A fine mist comes from the air outlet This occurs when the air in the room becomes very cold, for example in the •‘COOLING” or “DEHUMIDIFYING/DRY” modes.
• A strange noise can be heard This noise is made by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to variations in temperature and does not indicate a problem.
• Insufficient airflow, either hot or cold Unsuitable temperature setting.
Obstructed air conditioner intakes and outlets.
Dirty air filter.
Fan speed set at minimum.
Other sources of heat in the room.
No refrigerant.
• The appliance does not respond to commands Remote control not near enough to indoor unit
The remote control batteries are dead.
Obstacles between remote control and signal receiver on indoor unit
• The control panel display is off Active LIGHT function
Power failure
Faulty control panel
Faulty electronic control board
• Switch off the air conditioner immediately and cut off the power supply in the event of: Strange noises during operation.
Faulty fuses or switches.
Spraying water or objects inside the appliance.
Overheated cables or plugs.
Very strong smells coming from the appliance.

DeLonghi Pinguino Pac 1000 air troubleshooting

The unit does not work • there is no electricity
• it is not plugged in
• the function selector is in the “0” position
• the timer pin is in the “0” position or it is not programmed to operate at that moment
plug in
move the selector to the desired position
set the timer to the required mode
The unit works for only a short time • there is a kink in the outlet tube
• the outlet tube is blocked
• there are too many twists in the outlet tube
• the fan is blocked
position the outlet tube correctly
check there are no blockages preventing the discharge of air to the outside
rearrange the tube correctly contact the Service Center
The tank full light is on • the tank is full activating the safety float
• the tank is incorrectly positioned
empty the tank
reposition the tank correctly
The unit works but does not cool the room • three minutes have not passed since it was turned on
• windows open
• a heat source is operating in the room (burner, light, etc.) or there are a lot of peo- ple
• the air outlet tube has detached from the coupling
• thermostat adjusted too high
• air filters clogged
• the cooling capacity of the unit is insuffi- cient for the conditions or size of the room
wait three minutes (safety device)
close the windows
eliminate heat sources
fit the tube in the coupling
lower the thermostat
clean/replace filters

DeLonghi Pinguino PAC 250 U air troubleshooting

The Pinguino does not function: – power failure
– plug is disconnected
– ON/OFF switch is off
– Timer key is in STOP position
– insert plug
– switch on
– release the TIMER key
The Pinguino does not function
– function fault warning light is on (pag. 10 -“Alarm” light)
After correcting problem, press reset button
– exhaust hose blocked – Check for obstruction of air outlet vent
– exhaust hose twisted or bent – eliminate irregularities
– ventilation holes on the rear of the machine or front louvers blocked – remove obstacles to allow proper airflow
The Pinguino produces cold air but room does not maintain comfortable temperature: – window open – close window
– air exhaust hose has become disconnected – re-insert exhaust hose
– thermostat set too low – set thermostat to higher number

DeLonghi PACT 90ECO air troubleshooting

The air conditioning unit is off no electricity wait
it is not plugged into the mains plug into the meins
the safety device has tripped contact your service centre
the safety float has tripped empty the tank
The air conditioning unit works for a short time only the exhaust hose has a constriction position the exhaust hose correctly
the exhaust hose is blocked check there are no obstacles obstructing air discharge
there are bends in the exhaust hose eliminate the bends
The air conditioning unit works, but does not cool the room window open close the window
there are heat sources in the room (burner.lamp, etc) eliminate the heat source
the exhaust hose is detached connect the exhaust hose
air filters clogged clean or replace the filters
the air conditioning unit is not powerful enough for the conditions or size of the room
Particular odour in the room air filters clogged clean or replace the filters
The air conditioning unit does not operate for about three minutes after turning it on the safety device has tripped wait for three minutes
LT/FT/PF/F1. appears on the display The full indicator light is on