Dirt Devil pressure washer troubleshooting

What to do if your Dirt Devil pressure washer is not working and is not even turning on? Before you call the service center and call the repairman, try to identify the problem. The table below could help you and could became an indispensable manual. When you identify the problems (column on the left) with the help of the table you will be able to repair the breakage yourself (column on the right) and save time and money.

Dirt Devil ND40100 pressure washer troubleshooting

Pressure washer does not start when trigger is depressed1. Power cord not connected to power source1. Connect the power cord to a live 120V AC, 60 Hz AC receptacle.
2. Switch is off2. Turn switch on.
3. GFCI is tripped3. Press reset button on the GFCI plug.
4. House/shop circuit breaker is tripped4. Reset house/shop breaker. Make sure pressure washer is connected to an individual branch circuit only. If using an extension cord, make sure it is heavy enough to carry the cur- rent of the pressure washer.
Pump doesn’t produce pressure1. Inadequate water supply1. Provide adequate water flow.
2. Spray wand leaks2. Check connections and / or replace wand.
3. Nozzle is clogged3. Clean nozzle.
4. Pump is faulty4. Contact authorized service center.
5. Air in line5. Squeeze trigger on spray wand to remove air from line.
6. Water inlet infer is clogged or dirty6. Remove the water inlet screen rinse with warm water, then replace in unit.
Machine doesn’t reach high pres- sure1. Diameter of garden hose is too small1. Replace with 3/4 in. garden hose.
2. Water supply is restricted2. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks, and blockages.
3. Not enough inlet water3. Open water source full force.
No detergent1. Detergent tank is empty1. Add additional detergent to tank.
2. Water supply is inadequate or clogged2. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks and blockages.
3. Wrong nozzle is attached3. Attach variable spray wand and set to(-)
Wand leaksO-ring needs replacingReplace o-ring. If this does not correct the problem, contact your authorized service center to purchase a new wand.


Dirt Devil Aqua Clean pressure washer troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeSolution
Appliance will not go into operational readiness mode or suddenly stops producing steam.Water tank has not be mounted correctly.Mount the water tank again “Filling the water tank”.
Water tank is empty.1. Switch off the device, put it into the neutral position, and pull the plug from the socket,
2. Fill the water tank.
The overheating protection device has tripped due to an empty water tank.3. If the overheating protection has tripped, wait about 45 minutes before connecting the appliance again.
Cleaning performance is not satisfactory even though the appliance is working fine.The floor was not cleaned be- forehand with a vacuum cleaner or brush.Ensure that the floor has been cleared of loose dirt before cleaning with the steam mop.
Stains are stubborn.Repeat the cleaning process several times.
If that is not enough, remove the stain before steam cleaning.
Micro-fibre cleaning cloth is dirty.1. Switch off the device, put it into the neutral position, and pull the plug from the socket,
2. Wait for about 5 minutes. You can now re- move the cold micro-fibre cleaning cloth and replace with a fresh one
Water filter cartridge is worn out.Replace the water filter cartridge