Friedrich air conditioner error codes


Extremely high or low temperatures add to the air conditioner’s workload, making the system more prone to malfunctions. Check whether you can see a fault code flashing on the display. It is very likely that it will help diagnose the problem. Using the list of Friedrich air error codes below, try to resolve the issue by yourself first. Chances are you won’t have to call for service at all.

Friedrich MC24Y3F air error codes

Error codeError contents
13Outdoor signal abnormal
14Excessive outdoor pressure (permanent stop)
15Compressor temperature sensor
16Pressure switch error
17IPM error
18CT error
19Active filter module (AFM) error
1ACompressor does not operate
1bOutdoor unit fan error
1cCommunication error (inverter-multicontroller)
1d2 way valve sensor error
1EExpansion valve error
1FConnection indoor unit error
0Communication error (indoor unit — remote controller)
1Communication error (indoor unit — outdoor unit)
2Room temperature sensor open
3Room temperature sensor short-circuited
4Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
5Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor short- circuited
6Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
8Power source connection error
9Float switch operated
0AOutdoor temperature sensor
0cDischarge pipe temperature sensor
11Model abnormal
12Indoor fan abnormal

Friedrich VHA24K25 air error codes

Error CodeCode TranslationAction Taken by UnitPossible Cause
2An extreme low voltage condition exists <198V for 230V units and <239V for 265V units.Shut down unit. Display Error code and flash. Once voltage rises to normal level system power is restored.• Inadequate power supply
• Defective breaker
• Blown fuse
3Return air thermistor sensor open or short circuitSet return air sensor = 75°F. Alternately flash set point and error code. Leave unit running.• Defective sensor
4Indoor coil thermistor sensor open or short circuitSet ID coil temp = 40°F. Alternately flash set point and error code. Leave unit running.
5Outdoor coil thermistor sensor open Or short circuitSet OD coil temp = 20°F. Alternately flash set point and error code. Automatically change over to Electric heat Mode only. Leave unit running.
6If O.D. coil Temperature > 175 Deg F for 2 consecutive minutes. (Heat Pump models only)Alternately flash set point and error code. Shut unit down for 5 minutes, then try again 2 times. If it fails the 3rd time, shut down unit to prevent high head pressure.• Dirty coil
• Fan motor failure
• Restricted air flow
• Non-condensables in refrigeration system
7I.D coil temperature <30 Deg F for 2 consecutive minutes.Alternately flash set point and fault code. Continue fan operation while the compressor is locked out until the indoor coil thermistor reaches 45° F, then energize the compressor. However, compressor must stil wait a lockout time of 180 to 240 seconds.• Dirty filters
• Dirty coil
• Fan motor failure
• Restricted airflow
• Improper refrigerant charge
• Restriction in refrigerant circuit
8Unit cycles (Heat or Cool demand) > 9 times per hourStore error code in memory. Keep unit running• Unit oversized
• Low load conditions
9Unit cycles (Heat or Cool demand) < 3 times per hourStore Error Code in memory. Keep unit running• Unit undersized
• High load conditions
10Room Freeze Protection triggeredAlternately flash set point and error code. Keep unit running.• Room temperature fell below 40° F
11No Signal to “GL” or “GH” terminal (Remote Thermostat mode only)Shut down unit. Display error code and flash.• Defective remote thermostat
• Defective thermostat wiring
13If Pressure limit switch opensTurn OFF compressor. Alternate flash set point and error code

Friedrich MW13C3E air error codes

LEOError contents
1 flashCommunication error (Indoor unit – Outdoor unit)
2 flashDischarg pipe temperature sensor
3 flashOutdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
4 flashOutdoor temperature sensor
5 flash2 way valve sensor
6 flash3 way valve sensor
7 flashCompressor temperature sensor
8 flashHeat sink temperature sensor
9 flashPressure switch A abnormal
10 flashPressure switch B abnormal
11 flashConnection indoor unit error
12 flashIPM orror
13 flashCompressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flashCompressor cannot operate
15 flashOutdoor fan abnormal
17 flashCommunication error (inverter – mufti controller)
lightingNo error