Fujitsu air conditioner error codes

Having scrutinized Fujitsu air conditioner error codes on a display, each user can remove small hitches without the help of specialists. However, one needs a table with decoding of such error codes here. We show it below.

Fujitsu ASU9R2 air conditioner error codes

Kind of errorIndication on LEDIndication on wired remote controlContents
Operation (red)Timer (green)7 seg.
CommunicationOff0.5 sec / twice21Serial (reverse) error after operation
0.5 sec / three times3Serial (reverse) error during operation
0.5 sec / four times4Serial (forward) error after operation
0.5 sec / five times5Serial (forward) error during operation
Indoor unit Thermistor0.5 sec/twice0.5 sec / twice222Room temp, thermistor error open / short
0.5 sec / three times234Heat exchange (middle) thermistor error open / short
Outdoor unit Thermistor0.5 sec/three times0.5 sec / three times336Heat exchange thermistor error open
0.5 sec / four times340AOutdoor temp, thermistor error open / short
Indoor unit PCB0.5 sec /four times0.5 sec / eight times4821Opposite VDD permanent stop protection
(Electric aircleaner, circuit error)
Outdoor unit PCB0.5 sec/five times0.5 sec / six times561bOutdoor unit fan control error
Indoor unit fan motor0.5 sec / six times0.5 sec / twice6212Lock
0.5 sec / three times63r.p.m abnormal
Power supply0.1 sec flashing on red and orange LEDAANo IndicationPower supply abnormal
Model distinction0.1 sec flashing on all LEDAb11Model distinction error

Fujitsu Wall Mounted Type air conditioner error codes

Error displayWired remote controller Error codeModeDESCRIPTIONRemark
OPERATION lamp (green)TIMER Lamp (orange)
1111CommunicationSerial communication error•When the indoor unit cannot receive the signal from the branch unit •Wien the branch unit cannot receive the skinal from the indoor unit
1212CommunicationRemote controller communication error•Wired remote controller communication error
1515CommunicationScan error•Check operation incompletion error (normally, operation disabled)
2121Function settingInitial setting error•Wiring mistake
2222Function settingIndoor unit capacity error•Indoor unit capacity error
2323Function settingConnection disabled (series error)•Combination error
2424Function settingConnection unit number error•Connection unit number error (indoor unit) •Connection unit number error (branch unit)
3232Indoor unitIndoor unit main PCB error•Indoor unit PCB Model information error
3535Indoor unitManual auto switch error•Manual auto switch error
4141Indoor unitRoom error•Inlet thermistor error
4242Indoor unitIndoor unit Heat Ex. sensor error•Indoor unit Heat Ex. Middle thermistor error
5151Indoor unitIndoor unit fan motor error•Main fan motor lock error
•Main fan motor revolution speed error
5353Indoor unitWater Drain error•Drain pump error
5155UIndoor unitIndoor unit error•Indoor unit error
6262Outdoor unitOutdoor unit main PCB error•Outdoor unit PCB Model information error •Outdoor unit PCB microcomputer communication error
6363Outdoor unitInverter PCB error•Inverter error
6464Outdoor unitActive filter error, PFC circuit error•Voltage error stoppage permanently
•Voltage error (can restore)
•Over current protected operation stoppage permanently
•PFC hardware error
6565Outdoor unitIPM error•Trip terminal L error
6106AOutdoor unitDisplay panel error•Microcomputers communication error
7171Outdoor unitDischarge thermistor error•Discharge thermistor 1 error
7272Outdoor unitCompressor thermistor error•Compressor thermistor 1 error
7373Outdoor unitOutdoor unit Heat Ex. Sensor error•Outdoor unit Heat Ex. liquid thermistor error
7474Outdoor unitOutdoor thermistor error•Outdoor thermistor error
7575Outdoor unitSuction Gas thermistor error•Suction Gas thermistor error
7777Outdoor unitHeat sink thermistor error•Heat sink thermistor error
8282Outdoor unitSub-cool Heat Ex. gas thermistor error•Sub-cool Heat Ex. gas inlet thermistor error •Sub-cool Heat Ex. gas outlet thermistor error
8383Outdoor unitLiquid pipe thermistor error•Liquid pipe thermistor 1 error
8484Outdoor unitCurrent sensor error•Current sensor 1 error (stoppage permanently)
8686Outdoor unitPressure sensor error•Discharge pressure sensor error •Suction pressure sensor error •High pressure switch 1 error
8494Outdoor unitTrip detection•Trip detection
9595Outdoor unitcompressor motor control error•Rotor position detection error (stoppage permanently)
9797Outdoor unitOutdoor unit fan motor 1 error•Duty error
9999Outdoor unit4-way valve error•4-way valve error
101A1Refrigerant systemDischarge temperature 1 error•Discharge temperature 1 error
103A3Refrigerant systemCompressor temperature error•Compressor 1 temperature error
105A5Refrigerant systemPressure error 2•Low pressure error