Hand Held Air Conditioner

The Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner is compact in size, has a convenient handle and is not very noisy. For this reason, you can use it anywhere: at home, in a vehicle, at an office, and even in the country side. Despite the small size, a Cooler can cool air down to -1°C.
Air flow direction is adjustable within a 90° angle, so you can place the device on your desk and aim the airflow directly at your face.
A Cooler air conditioner is powered by 4 AA batteries or via USB, and therefore it can be used for quite a while. Before turning it on, it is advisable to soak a sponge inside it in water.
A portable conditioner is an excellent hybrid of an office table fan and a hand fan, which you use as you go home.

How does a Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner work?

Air is pushed across the surface of a damp cooling filter (a damp cellulose sponge) and cools down due to evaporation. Water gradually evaporates from the cooling filter. The sponge needs to be soaked from time to time. It is included in the pack and can be used hundreds of times.

Hand held air conditioner

Disadvantages of hand held air conditioner:

  • Narrow and weak airflow is barely detectable at more than 50 sm away from the device. However, that is quite enough for individual use.
  • It does produce a bit of noise. But only a little bit.

Advantages of hand held air conditioner:

  • The cooling effect is present, and there are things other than a thermometer that can detect it.
  • According to the laws of physics, the effectiveness of cooling depends on ambient humidity. Lower humidity levels make the effect more pronounced.
  • It produces a humidifying effect, helps one curb respiratory issues and keeps skin fairly moist.
  • You can add aromatic essential oils.
  • Looks well and takes up little space.
  • Features a convenient carrying handle and a support and can placed it on a table.
  • You can set up any angle when holding it in your hand.
  • You can take it to vacation, on a picnic, and to a campsite.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries and can be charged via USB.
  • You can connect it to a standard 110V socket (chargers are available).
  • A bottle and an USB cable are included.
  • Boasts a modern, smooth and trendy appearance.
  • Features a variable speed option that allows you to fully control the airflow.
  • Reduces energy bills, because you keep cool yourself only instead of cooling down the entire house without necessity.