Hotsy pressure washer troubleshooting

In the work of the Hotsy pressure washer, various minor problems may occur, since no equipment is immune from breakdowns. Hotsy pressure washer is not turning on, is not supplying water under sufficient pressure, is not working or is not heating the water – breakage can be any. A full manual could help you not only to identify the problem, but also to repair the problem yourself. 2 tables below can be just such a manual.

Hotsy HC-232439 pressure washer troubleshooting

LOW OPERATING PRESSURE Faulty pressure gauge Install new gauge.
Insufficient water supply Use larger supply hose; clean filter at water inlet.
Old, worn or incorrect spray nozzle Match nozzle number to machine and/or replace with new nozzle.
Belt slippage Tighten or replace; use correct belt.
Plumbing or hose leak Check plumbing system for leaks. Retape leaks with teflon tape.
Faulty or mis-adjusted unloader valve Adjust unloader for proper pressure. Install repair kit when needed.
Worn packing in pump Install new packing kit.
Fouled or dirty inlet or discharge valves in pump Clean inlet and discharge valves.
Worn inlet or discharge valves Replace with valve kit.
Obstruction in spray nozzle Remove obstruction.
Leaking pressure control valve Rebuild or replace as needed.
Slow engine RPM Set engine speed at proper specifications.
Pump sucking air Check water supply and possibility of air seepage.
Valves sticking Check and clean or replace if necessary.
Unloader valve seat faulty Check and replace if necessary.
BURNER WILL NOT LIGHT Little or no fuel Fill tank with fuel.
Improper fuel or water in fuel Drain fuel tank and fill with proper fuel.
Clogged fuel line Clean or replace.
Plugged fuel filter Replace as needed.
Mis-adjusted burner air bands Readjust air bands for clean burn.
Little or no fuel pressure from fuel pump Increase fuel pressure to specification and/ or replace fuel pump. Test with pressure gauge.
Faulty burner transformer Test transformer for proper arc between contacts. Replace as needed.
Disconnected or short in electrical wiring All wire contacts should be clean and tight. No breaks in wire
BURNER WILL NOT LIGHT Flex coupling slipping on fuel pump shaft or burner motor shaft Replace if needed.
On-Off switch defective Check for electrical current reaching burner assembly with burner switch on.
Heavy sooting on coil and burner can cause interruption of air flow and shorting of electrodes Clean as required.
Improper electrode setting Check and reset according to diagram in Operator’s Manual.
Fuel not reaching combustion chamber Check fuel pump for proper flow. Check solenoid flow switch on machines with spray gun control, for proper on-off fuel flow control.
Clogged burner nozzle Clean as required.
Thermostat faulty or slow engine speed Increase engine RPM to increase voltage.
Flow switch malfunction Remove, test for continuity and replace as needed.
Flow solenoid malfunction Replace if needed.
Blockage in valve Check and replace if necessary.
Pump sucking air Check water supply and air seepage at joints in suction line.
Worn piston packing Check and replace if necessary.
MACHINE SMOKES Improper fuel or water in fuel Drain tank and replace contaminated fuel.
Improper air adjustment Readjust air bands on burner assembly.
Low fuel pressure Adjust fuel pump pressure to specifications.
Plugged or dirty burner nozzle Replace nozzle.
Faulty burner nozzle spray pattern Replace nozzle.
Heavy accumulation of soot on coils and burner assembly Remove coils and burner assembly, clean thoroughly.
Misaligned electrode setting Realign electrodes to specifications.
Obstruction in smoke stack Check for insulation blockage or other foreign objects.
Low engine RPM Increase RPM
LOW WATER TEMPERATURE Improper fuel or water in fuel Replace with clean and proper fuel.
Low fuel pressure Increase fuel pressure.
Weak fuel pump Check fuel pump pressure. Replace pump if needed.
Fuel filter partially clogged Replace as needed.
Soot build-up on coils not allowing heat transfer Clean coils.
Improper burner nozzle
WATER TEMPERATURE TOO HOT Incoming water to machine warm or hot Lower incoming water temperature.
Fuel pump pressure too high See specifications for proper fuel pressure.
Fuel pump defective Replace fuel pump.
Detergent line sucking air Tighten all clamps. Check detergent lines for holes.
Defective temperature switch Replace.
Incorrect fuel nozzle size See specifications for proper fuel nozzle
Insufficient water supplied Check water G.P.M. to machine.
Restricted water flow Check nozzle for obstruction, proper size.
PUMP NOISY Air in suction line Check water supply and connections on suction line.
Broken or weak inlet or discharge valve springs
Excessive matter in valves
Worn bearings
PRESENCE OF WATER IN OIL Oil seal worn Check and replace if necessary.
High humidity in air Check and change oil twice as often.
O-Ring plunger retainer worn
Cracked piston Check and replace if necessary.
Pump protector Lower water supply pressure. Do not run with spray gun closed longer than 2 minutes
OIL DRIPPING Oil seal worn
EXCESSIVE VIBRATION IN DELIVERY LINE Irregular functioning of the valves Check and replace if necessary.
DETERGENT NOT DRAWING Air leak Tighten all clamps. Check detergent lines for holes.
Restrictor in float tank is missing Replace restrictor. Check for proper orifice in restrictor.
Filter screen on detergent suction hose plugged Clean or replace.
Dried up detergent plugging metering valve Disassemble and clean thoroughly.
High viscosity of detergent Dilute detergent to specifications.
Hole in detergent line(s) Repair hole.
Low detergent level Add detergent, if needed.
PUMP RUNNING NORMALLY BUT PRESSURE LOW ON INSTALLATION Pump sucking air Check water supply and possibility of air seepage.
Valves sticking Check and clean or replace if necessary.
Nozzle incorrectly sized
Unloader valve seat faulty
Worn piston packing Check and replace if necessary.
BURNER MOTOR WILL NOT RUN Fuel pump seized Replace fuel pump.
Burner fan loose or misaligned Position correctly, tighten set screw.
Defective control switch Replace switch.
Loose wire Check and replace or tighten wiring.
Defective burner motor Replace motor.
RELIEF VALVE LEAKS WATER Relief valve defective Replace or repair


Hotsy 965B pressure washer troubleshooting

ENGINE WILL NOT RUN No fuel Replenish supply.
Low battery Charge battery.
Poor battery cable connection Clean battery terminals and check cables.
NO WATER FROM PRESSURE NOZZLE Pressure nozzle clogged Clean pressure nozzle.
Inlet water screen clogged Clean.
Pump sucking air Fill the detergent container.
Check for loose hose clamps or fittings.
POOR OR NO DETERGENT FLOW Low detergent level Replenish supply.
Detergent screen clogged Clean.
Detergent metering valve not opening Check that handle or knob is not slipping on shaft.
Pressure nozzle clogged Clean.
Spray nozzle worn or incorrect size Replace.
Inadequate water supply Increase water supply.
Pump sucking air Fill the detergent container. Check for loose hose clamps or fittings.
UNLOADER VALVE CYCLES WHEN TRIGGER GUN IS OPEN OR CLOSED Air in system Open and close trigger gun several times.
Defective unloader valve Repair or replace.
Water leak between unloader valve and trigger gun Check fittings, hose and trigger gun for leaks. Repair or replace.
Adjustable thermostat set too low Raise temperature setting.
Defective pressure switch Repair or replace.
Electrodes are dirty or out of adjustment Refer to Oil Burner Manual provided with machine.
No AC generator output Check AC generator.
BURNER SMOKES OR HAS OBNOXIOUS ODOR Air bands need to be adjusted Readjust. Refer to Oil Burner Section under Installation.
Improper fuel Use kerosene. DO NOT USE GASOLINE.