Husky pressure washer troubleshooting

The first problem with Husky pressure washers often appear after a few weeks or months after purchase. After this time, it is problematic for many people to find documents received while purchasing (such as an instruction manual). Troubleshooting tables for several models of pressure washers of the specified brand are represented below. It is enough to look into our tables in case of problems or not work equipment, to make timely repair works. This is primarily useful to do, when there is no pressure, because it is the most frequent breakage of pressure washes.

Husky 1550 PSL pressure washer troubleshooting

Husky 1550 PSL pressure washers are a high-quality alternative to costlier professional series pressure washers. Their rolling chassis and lightweight parts make maneuvering and using the washer easy.

Detergent is not dispensingThe suction tube located in the detergent spray bottle assembly has been disconnected or clogged.Remove the soap lance assembly from the detergent bottle. Make sure that the clear tube is properly connected to the soap lance. If it is not connected then reconnect it.
Detergent to Water ratioYour Powerwasher draws detergent at a 10:1 ratio. Most pressure washer detergents are generally concentrated within that range so minimal adjustment is required.
If you feel like you are using more detergent than is required for the application you can dilute it with regular tap water.
Detergent - What to useWe recommend that you use a cleaner which is specifically designed for power washers. There are different kinds available depending on the application. Check with your local Home Depot store for the product which is best suited for your needs.
Never use Bleach, Ammonia or Hot water in the unit.
Circuit breaker trips or Fuse blown in Fuse BoxCircuit overloadCheck that the circuit is rated at 15 amps or greater. Make sure the unit is plugged into a dedicated circuit.
Extension cord too long or wire gauge too smallUse proper extension cord as recommended in owner7s manual.
Nozzle partially blockedClean Nozzle
Excessive pressureClean Nozzle
GFCI Plug installation GFCI Plug malfunctionFor GFCI reset procedures
For instructions regarding the GFCI Plug installation or malfunction please email us directly at:
Gun/Hose - Leaking waterGun/Hose will need to be replaced. Replacement parts are not available for the Gun/Hose. Email us ah
for assistance or order online at:
Leaking Oil from PumpA small amount of leakage is normalIf leakage occurs please contact us directly at
Leaking water from bottom of unitMachine Inlet connection is defectiveCheck the Machine Inlet at the back of the unit to ensure that water is not leaking from it. If the connection is leaking it will have to be replaced. Contact us at:
or order a replacement directly online at:
Leaking water from bottom of unitManifold Assembly is leaking waterRemove the front cover of the unit. If there is water leaking anywhere from the Manifold please contact us at:
or order a replacement directly online at:
Pump housing is leaking waterEmail us at:
for assistance.
Low pressureFaucet not fully open or unit is not receiving a full volume of waterOpen the faucet all the way.
Not building maximum pressureScreen Filter is cloggedClean the Screen filter
Irregular pressureGun or Hose failureReplace Gun and/or Hose. Contact us at:
or order online at:
Kink in the Garden Hose or Hose is wrapped on a storage wheelUnwrap the Garden Hose and lay it out flat to ensure that there are no kinks in the Hose.
Water leaking from either Hose or UnitStop water from leaking before using the unitor contact us if you need assistance.
Garden Hose length is too longShorten the length of the Garden Hose.
We recommend a maximum length of 25 to 50 feet for City water supply and 30 feet for Well water supply.
Clogged NozzleClean the Nozzle
Air in PumpLet Pressure washer run with Gun trigger depressed and Wand removed until a steady stream of water is released.
No Wand attached to the front of the GunAttach Click-N-Clean™ Wand to the front of the Gun. (High Pressure is created with the Wand and not the Gun).
No water coming out of WandClogged NozzleClean Nozzle
Sceen Filter is cloggedClean the Sceen filter
Kink in the Garden Hose or Hose is wrapped on a storage wheelUnwrap the Garden Hose and lay it out flat to ensure that there are no kinks in the Hose.
No water coming out of WandGun/Hose Assembly is defectiveAttach the Gun/Hose to the front of the unit with no wand attached to the Gun.
Squeeze the trigger of the gun to ensure that water comes out of the front of tne Gun at a rate equal to the Garden Hose. If no water comes out of the Gun, remove the gun and the hose to ensure that water flows out of the pump. If it does, the gun will need to be replaced. Contact us ah or order a replacement directly online at:
Trigger will not moveGun Safety Lock in engagedRelease Safety Lock as instructed in Manual.
Unit will not startUnit is not turned onPress ON/OFF Switch into ON position.
Note: Unit will only star# whenLoose or disconnected PlugReconnect Plug.
trigger is depressed.Defective GFCI PlugPerform GFCI reset procedure. If the GFCI does not reset it will need to be replaced. Contact us at: or order a replacement directly online at:
Unit stops while operatingExtension Cord length or gauge incorrectUse proper Extension Cord
Gun trigger not operating properlyContact us
Defective GunRemove the Gun and Hose assembly from the front of the unit. Aim water stream away from electric source and switch the unit into the ON position. If the unit starts and water comes out of the front, the Gun may need to be replaced. Contact us ah
Tripped Pressure washer Thermal SwitchAllow to cool and restart unit.
Defective ON/OFF SwitchContact us
Unit will not stop when trigger is releasedScreen filter is cloggedClean the Screen filter
Garden Hose is kinked or leaking waterMake sure the Garden Hose is laid out flat and there are no kinks in it. The hose should not be wrapped on a storage wheel. Make sure the faucet is open all the way and there is a full volume of water reaching the unit.
Wand is malfunctioningTest wand to ensure that it is not malfunctioning.
Gun is not operating properlyRemove Wand from die Gun and squeeze trigger to ensure that be water is coming out of the front of the Gun at a rate equal to the Garden Hose.

Husky HU80522 pressure washer troubleshooting

Husky HU80522 pressure washers are the best option for cleaning off the surrounding area of your house. It is also perfect to use it to wash off your RV, car or boat quickly. It is possible to find the Husky HU80522 for an average price of $ 300.

Engine fails to start1. No fuel in tank1. Fill tank
2. Spark plug shorted or fouled2. Replace spark plug
3. Spark plug is broken (cracked porcelain or electrodes broken)
4. Ignition lead wire shorted, broken, or disconnected from spark plug4. Replace lead wire or attach to spark plug
5. Ignition inoperative5. Contact authorized service center
Engine hard to start1. Water in gasoline1. Drain entire system and refill with fresh fuel
2. Weak spark at spark plug2. Contact authorized service center
Engine lacks power1. Dirty air filter1. Clean or replace air filter
Detergent fails to mix with spray1. Detergent injection hose is not properly submerged1. Insert injection hose into detergent storage bucket
2. High pressure nozzle attached2. Use low pressure nozzle (black) to apply detergent
Pump doesn’t produce pressure1. Low pressure nozzle installed1. Replace with high pressure nozzle
2. Inadequate water supply2. Provide adequate water flow
3. Spray wand leaks3. Check connections and / or replace wand
4. Nozzle is clogged4. Clean nozzle
5. Pump is faulty5. Contact authorized service center
6. Air in line6. Squeeze trigger on spray wand to remove air from line
Machine doesn’t reach high pressure1. Diameter of garden hose is too small1. Replace with 3/4 in. garden hose
2. Water supply is restricted2. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks, and blockages
3. Not enough inlet water3. Open water source full force
4. Wrong nozzle is attached4. Attach the high pressure nozzle