Kenmore boiler troubleshooting

Do you have problems with a Kenmore boiler and don’t have a service manual at hand? This way, please! Below you will find Kenmore boiler troubleshooting table. It will help to decipher an error and determine your further actions: remove a breakdown on your own or invite a specialist.

Possible CauseWhat to do
Thermostat is not set correctly Burner is not operating properlyReset thermostat above room temperature.
No electric power to boilerCheck flame. If it is yellow, the burner is not getting enough air. Or, if flame is blue and noisy and seems to lift off the burner, the burner is getting too much air Contact your service technician.
Controls out of adjustment Radiators not heatingCheck overcurrent protection. Check to be sure electric power supply circuit is "ON."
Poor electrical contact Rollout switch blownReset according to instructions.
Chimney flue is blockedSteam air vents are not operating properly. Check flow control valve (if used). It may be in closed position.
Vent damper not operatingCheck all control terminals and wire joints.
Have your service technician check heat exchanger for blockage. Replace rollout switch with exact replacement.
Spill switch contacts open, requiring manual reset of spill switch. Have your service technician check and correct chimney problem.
Consult troubleshooting guide in Effikal manual, packaged with vent damper.
Gas input amount is incorrectContact your service technician.
Not enough ventilation Chimney flue is blockedContact your service technician.
Have your service technician check and correct, if necessary.
Air in systemRefer to "Radiators Not Heating Properlyā€¯ above
Dirt on seatOpen valve manually. Allow steam to blow and clear valve seat.