Keurig coffee maker troubleshooting

The possibility of any hitch of a coffee maker must be revealed as soon as possible. The system of automatic diagnostics installed in some models of coffee makers provides a great help. Such machines are fit with sensors, indicators and special devices, which serve for notification of owners. Our troubleshooting table with error codes for keurig coffee makers below will help you to understand these notifications.

Keurig B140 coffee maker troubleshooting

B140 is a one-cup coffee maker produced by American manufacturer Keurig Green Mountain based in Vermont. The appliance is intended for commercial use and boasts a K-Cup feature. The chart below will be of great help in case of any issues as it gives valuable troubleshooting advice.

Brewer does not have power• Plug Brewer into an independent outlet.
• Check to be sure that it is plugged in securely.
• Plug into a different outlet.
• Reset the power outlets’ circuit breaker if necessary.
• Make sure that the Power Button has been turned on and the power light is illuminated.
Brewer will not brew when used for the first time• The Brewer must be primed for use by filling the internal hot water tank before the first brew. All brew size LED’s will be flashing on the LED Control Center.
• Brew/ Drain switch must be at Brew position
• If Brewer is cold/frozen, wait for two hours for it to reach room temperature before powering on.
Brewer will not brew• Brew/ Drain switch must be at Brew position
• After placing the K-Cup® portion pack in the K-Cup Holder, make sure that the Handle is pushed all the way down securely and the back lit blue Brew Button on the LED Control Center is flashing.
• If the blue light next to 'ADD WATER' on the LED Control Center is illuminated, add water to Water Reservoir or make sure the Water Reservoir is seated properly in its base.
• If the blue light next to 'ADD WATER' on the LED Control Center continues to be on even after refilling,
Brewing a partial cup• If a prime sequence has been performed, without a cleansing brew, the first cup may be “oversized”. The next cup brewed will be brewed to the proper selected size.
• The Exit Needle may be clogged.
• Clean K-Cup® Holder if necessary and rinse under faucet.
• A partial drain process may have occurred. The brewer will brew the next cup at the selected size.
• The Water Reservoir may have been removed during brewing. Replace the Water Reservoir and perform a cleansing brew.
• If the amber 'DE-SCALE' light is illuminated, descale the Brewer
• If you have repeated the descale procedure on your Brewer two times and the light is still on
My brewer shuts off automatically• Check to make sure that the Auto Off Timer feature has not been set. If the green light next to 'AUTO OFF' on the LED Control Center is illuminated, press the black button to turn off the Auto Off Timer feature.
Drain process notes:• Drain / Brew Valve turned during a brew cycle: If this occurs, the brewing cycle is immediately stopped. Recovery: The brew that immediately follows may provide an improper volume, so perform a brew without a K-Cup®. The next brew will be of the proper selected size.
• Drain / Brew Valve turned to ‘DRAIN’ and back to ‘BREW’: The brewer is smart and knows if the Drain button has been pressed. If it has not been pressed, when the valve is turned back to ‘BREW’, the brewer will not require a Prime.
• Drain / Brew Valve turned to ‘DRAIN’ and Drain button pushed, but tank not emptied. To brew, a prime will be required and then perform a cleansing brew.

Keurig B100 coffee maker troubleshooting

Keurig B100 is a premium one-cup coffee maker designed for use at home. It is equipped with a so-called K-Cup pod, which is a special single-serve coffee container. The manufacturer, Keurig Green Mountain, is based in Waterbury, Vermont.

Brewer Does Not Have PowerCheck to be sure it is plugged in securely.
Plug into a different outlet.
Reset circuit breaker if necessary
Brewing a Partial Cup(Less than 6 oz.)Ensure Exit Needle is not clogged.
Clean K-Cup Holder Assembly if necessaryand rinse under faucet
Water Fill Indicator is Flashing BlueBrewer is empty, add water.
Green "Ready" Light is on,but you can't BrewOpen and close Brew Drawer. Green lightwill flash. Push the Brew Button.
The Brew Button is disabled if theuser does not brew within 60 seconds ofclosing the Brew Drawer. This preventsaccidental activation.
Red "Not Ready" Light Flashing andYellow Light on Water Indicator is FlashingDe-scale Brewer following procedureon
If lights persist, water level sensor isblocked call Customer Service at1-866-901-BREW (2739) and turn off
Red "Not Ready" Light Flashing andRed Light on Water Indicator Solidor FlashingTurn off Brewer and call Customer