Lowes Pressure Washer – Things To Think About When Renting

Renting a Lowes pressure washer is surely a good option.  Aside from the fact that Lowes is making sure that they can accommodate every single kind of cleaning needs, they are also making rental fees very affordable for all of their patrons.

With that kind of leverage for Lowes customers, all you need to do is to maximize benefits.  Let me tell you how:

Pressure Washer Lowes – Brand Options

Lowes is ready for every kind of cleaning need that requires pressure washing.  Name your brand and they have it – Briggs and Stratton, Landa, Simpson, John Deere, Ex-cell, Stanley, etc.  Any reputable name for pressure washing units you can find there and for each of these names, there is rent offering for everyone to cut cost.

Now, when you get there, compare the prices, GPM capacity and water pressure capacity of all those brands.  After doing that, you will have an idea which is the brand and model to pick for your specific needs.  Just make sure that before going there, you are ready with specific data like area of the surface to be cleaned, the kind of terrain on which to place the pressure washer unit, estimated time you want the job to be finished, etc.  Fees are on hourly or daily basis.  I am not sure if there are other fee options other than hourly or daily fees.  Check with Lowes website to save you time.

Availability Of Pressure Washer Rental Lowes

There are hundreds of pressure washer units available at Lowe’s, but your brand and model may not be available all the time.  So, check with them first or reserve online at least three days before the actual date of use.

Upon reserving, make sure also that you check on the conditions of rent.  Different brands have different terms on use so read carefully and if there are questions you need to be clarified about, don’t hesitate to ask.  That’s how you can protect your money.

Lowes Pressure Washer Rental Prices

We’ve come to the most important issue – the cost.  Let’s see from some reviews.  One reviewer said that it depends on the location.  His is located near a branch so he got it for 65 dollars a day.  Other reviews that I’ve read placed it at 100 dollars for one to two days.

Now, the kind of pressure washer is also a factor to consider.  Usually, gas-powered pressure washers rentals cost double that of the cost of electricity-generated ones.

When Renting Is A Better Option Than Buying A New Pressure Washer?

Why rent pressure washer Lowes when you can buy a brand new one?  That’s a question you yourself can give a satisfactory answer.  For one, it would be an unwise step to spend thousands of dollars for a 2000 psi or 5000 psi unit when you are just making sure that you have a cleaning tool (stuck in the storage room) to use every time there’s a need.  I think renting is a better option if that is your case.  Use extra money for more pressing needs.