Navien boiler error codes

Navien is a manufacturer of various universal energy equipment in Korea. It specializes in the production of gas, diesel boilers. Navien is one of the ten largest Korean manufacturers, which is competing with LG, Samsung, Hyundai and others. The share of sales of Navien in Korea, Japan, the Pacific Region and the United States is 80%. One of the competitive advantages of Navien is its troubleshooting system. Below is a table of Navien boiler error codes.

Navien NCB-150 boiler error codes

Error CodeReasonSelf-diagnostic / Action
E003Ignition failureEnsure that the main gas supply valve is open.
E004False flame detectionEnsure that the electrical cord is properly grounded.
E012Flame loss• Clean the intake air filter.
• Ensure that the electrical cord is properly grounded.
E016Overheating of heat exchanger• Turn off the system for at least 30 minutes, and then restart it
• Clean the Heating Return filter.
• Flush the heat exchanger.
E030Abnormal exhaust temperatureContact Technical Support at 1-800-519-8794.
E046Abnormal operation: limit control
E047Abnormal operation: exhaust thermostat
E060Abnormal operation: dual venturi
E109Abnormal operation: fan motorClean the intake air filter.
El 10Abnormal air pressure• Ensure that the exhaust pipe is free of obstructions.
• Clean the intake air filter.
E205Heating supply thermistor open or short circuitContact Technical Support at 1-800-519-8794.
E218Heating return thermistor open or short circuit
E351 (error solution e351)Abnormal Auto feeder valve (make-up water)
E352High water pressure
E353 (error solution e353)Abnormal operation: water pressure sensor
E407Hot water outlet thermistor open or short circuit
E421Cold water inlet thermistor open or short circuit
E515 (error solution e515)Abnormal operation: PCB• Ensure that the electrical cord is properly grounded.
• Reset the boiler from the front panel.
E517Abnormal operation: DIP switch settingContact Technical Support at 1-800-519-8794.
E594Abnormal operation: EEPROM
E615Abnormal operation: input and memory
E740Abnormal operation: outdoor temperature sensor (appears only when the outdoor reset curve is enabled).• Ensure that the outdoor reset curve is configured properly.
• Check the outdoor temperature sensor wiring connection.
E777Abnormal operation: LWCO• Check the LWCO wiring connection
• Ensure that the system water level is appropriate.
• Add make-up water to the system if necessary.

Navien NCB-180 boiler error codes

ItemError CodeConditions
(a) PanelE782 (Level 1)Automatically releases the error code when the main controller doesn’t answer for 60 seconds but the system operates normal communications once.
Communication ErrorThe error code will be displayed first on the Panel Controller regardless of error level when a Panel Communications Error occurs (as it is not possible to know the Controller error status if communication with the Controller is not available)
(b) Key ErrorE593 (Level 1)A Key Error occurs when Touch ICIIC Communication is not available for more than 1 minute and will be automatically released when normal operating conditions are met.