Ridgid Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

The 2 tables below can be an indispensable manual in case of Ridgid pressure washer troubleshooting. If pressure washer is not working, you need to determine the cause of the failure. Problems can be of different nature. For example, if it is not turning on, the problem maybe in the electric point. If the reason is in work of pressure washer you could use the particular table, it will you to be able to repair it yourself.

Ridgid RD80701 Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Engine fails to start 1. Engine switch is in the off position. 1. Move switch to start.
2. Fuel valve lever is OFF. 2. Move the lever to ON.
3. No fuel in tank. 3. Fill tank.
4. Spark plug shorted or fouled. 4. Replace spark plug.
5. Spark plug is broken (cracked porcelain or electrodes broken). 5. Replace spark plug.
6. Ignition lead wire shorted, broken, or disconnected from spark plug. 6. Replace lead wire or attach to spark plug.
7. Ignition inoperative. 7. Contact authorized service center.
8. Lubricant level is low. 8. Add lubricant to the engine.
Engine hard to start 1. Water in gasoline 1. Drain entire system and refill with fresh fuel.
2. Weak spark at spark plug 2. Contact authorized service center.
Engine lacks power 1. Dirty air filter 1. Clean or replace air filter.
Detergent fails to mix with spray 1. Detergent injection hose is not properly submerged 1. Insert injection hose into detergent container.
2. High pressure nozzle attached 2. Use Dual Power Soap Nozzle to apply detergent.
3. Injection hose is clogged/kinked. 3. Remove and replace injection hose.
4. Chemical injector is clogged. 4. Clean or replace injector.
5. Detergent dial is off. 5. Turn detergent dial on.
Pump doesn’t produce pressure 1. Low pressure nozzle installed 1. Replace with high pressure nozzle.
2. Inadequate water supply 2. Provide adequate water flow.
3. Trigger handle leaks 3. Check connections and / or replace trigger wand.
4. Nozzle is clogged 4. Clean nozzle.
5. Pump is faulty 5. Contact authorized service center.
6. Air in line 6. Squeeze trigger on trigger handle to remove air from line.
Machine doesn’t reach high pressure 1. Diameter of garden hose is too small 1. Replace with 3/4 in. garden hose.
2. Water supply is restricted 2. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks, and blockages.
3. Not enough inlet water 3. Open water source full force.
4. Wrong nozzle is attached 4. Attach high pressure nozzle.

Ridgid Auto-Clean K-30 Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Cable kinking or breaking. Cable is being forced. Do Not Force Cable! Let the cutter do the work.
Cable used in incorrect pipe diameter. Use correct cable/equipment.
Motor switched to reverse. Use reverse only if cable gets caught in pipe.
Cable exposed to acid. Clean cables routinely.
Cable worn out. If cable is worn, replace it.
Cable not properly supported. Support cable properly
Cable stops rotating while foot switch is depressed. Restarts when foot switch is re-depressed. Hole in foot switch or hose. Replace damaged component.
Hole in diaphragm switch. If no problem found with pedal or hose, replace diaphragm switch.
Cable turns in one direc- tion but not the other. Faulty reverse switch. Replace switch.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) trips when machine is plugged in or when foot pedal is depressed. Damaged power cord. Replace cord set.
Short circuit in motor. Take motor to authorized service center.
Faulty GFCI. Replace cord set that includes a GFCI.
Moisture in motor, switch box or on plug. Take drain cleaner to an Authorized Sen/ice Center.
AUTOFEED doesn’t work. AUTOFEED full of debris. Clean AUTOFEED.
AUTOFEED needs lubrication. Lubricate AUTOFEED.
Machine wobbles or moves while cleaning drain. Cable not evenly distributed. Pull all cable out and refeed in, evenly distribute.
Bumpers are not on ground. Place on level, stable surface.
Ground not level.