Ryobi electric pressure washer troubleshooting

The most frequent breakages of pressure washers do not require treatment to specialized workshops. The system of troubleshooting below, will help to perform repairs your own resources even to those who are not versed in the equipment.

Ryobi 2800 pressure washer troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeSolution
The high pressure cleaner will not start even though the spray button is depressed.The appliance is switched off.Turn on the appliance using the On/Off switch.
You have too many consumers connected to the mains. The high-pressure cleaner requires an electric circuit for itself.Connect the high-pressure cleaner to an electric circuit on which there are no other consumers.
The pump is not running.The appliance is not connected to the water supply or the tap of the water supply is not on.Connect the appliance to a garden hose.
The appliance is attached to the water supply, but it is too weak.The water pressure of your water supply is too weak. Talk to your supplier.
The pump is defective.Contact your dealer.
Cleaning agent is not being added.The control knob for adding cleaning agent is in the ‘OFF’ position.Turn on the control knob for adding cleaning agent.
The cleaning agent tanks are empty.Fill the tanks with cleaning agent.
The lance is leaking.The sealing ring is damaged.Replace the sealing ring with a new one.
A jet of water does come out but it is too weak.The diameter of your garden hose is too small.Choose a garden hose with a larger diameter.
The appliance is attached to the water supply, but it is too weak.The water pressure of your water supply is too weak. Talk to your supplier.
There is air in the water circuit.Bleed the water circuit.
The filter screen in the adapter of the quick coupling is clogged.Clean the filter screen
The attachments leak due to a damaged sealing ring.Replace the sealing ring with a new one
The lance is blocked.Clean the lance using the cleaning needle supplied.


Ryobi RPW130HS pressure washer troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Pressure washer does not start when trigger is depressedPower cord not connected to power sourceConnect the power cord to a live 220-240V AC, 50 Hz AC plug.
Switch is offTurn switch on.
House circuit breaker is trippedReset house breaker. Make sure pressure washer is connected to an individual branch circuit only. If using an extension cord, make sure it is heavy enough to carry the current of the pressure washer.
Pump doesn’t produce pressureInadequate water supply Spray lance leaks Nozzle is clogged Pump is faulty Air in lineProvide adequate water flow.
Water inlet filter is clogged or dirtyCheck connections and / or replace lance.
Clean nozzle.
Contact authorized service centre.
Squeeze trigger on gun to remove air from line.
Remove the water inlet filter, rinse with warm water, then replace in unit.
Machine doesn’t reach high pressureDiameter of garden hose is too smallReplace with 12mm garden hose.
Water supply is restricted Not enough inlet waterCheck garden hose for kinks, leaks, and blockages. Open water source full force.
No detergentDetergent tank is emptyAdd additional detergent to tank.
The detergent dial is not completely in the ON positionTurn the detergent dial fully to the ON position. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks and blockages.
Water supply is inadequate or clogged


Ryobi RPW3200 pressure washer troubleshooting

Engine fails to startNo fuel in tankFill tank
Spark plug shorted or fouledReplace spark plug Replace spark plug
Spark plug is broken (cracked porcelain or electrodes broken)Replace lead wire or attach to spark plug
Ignition lead wire shorted, broken, or disconnected from spark plugContact authorised service center
Ignition inoperative
Engine hard to startWater in gasoline Weak spark at spark plugDrain entire system and refill with fresh fuel
Contact authorised service center
Engine lacks powerDirty air filterClean or replace air filter
Detergent fails to mix with sprayDetergent injection hose is not properly submergedInsert injection hose into detergent container or detergent bottle
Spray selector on the 5-in-1 Change Over Nozzle is set to either the [40°], [25°], or [0°] settingRotate the spray selector on the 5-in-1 Change Over Nozzle to either the Soap Short Range or Soap Long Range setting
Pump doesn’t produce pressureSpray selector on the 5-in-1 Change Over Nozzle is set to either the Soap Short Range or Soap Long Range setting.Rotate the spray selector on the 5-in-1 Change over Nozzle to either the [40°], [25°], or [0°] setting
Inadequate water supply Trigger handle or spray wand leaksProvide adequate water flow
Nozzle is clogged Pump is faulty Air in lineCheck connections and / or replace trigger handle or spray wand
Clean nozzle
Contact authorised service center
Squeeze trigger on trigger handle to remove air from line


Ryobi RPW130SC pressure washer troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causesSolution
Machine refuses to startMachine not plugged in Defective socket Fuse has blown Defective extension cablePlug in machine.
Try another socket.
Replace fuse. Switch off other machines. Try without the extension cable.
Fluctuating pressurePump sucking airCheck that hoses and connections are air tight. Clean and replace or refer to local distributor.
Valves dirty, worn out or stuck
Pump seals worn out
Motor bussesLow voltage or low temperatureActivate the trigger of the spay handle.
Machine stopsFuse has blown Incorrect mains voltageReplace fuse. Switch of other machines.
Thermal sensor activated Nozzle partially blockedCheck that the mains voltage corresponds to specification on the model tag.
Leave the washer for 15 minutes to cool down.
Clean the nozzle.
Fuse blowsFuse too smallChange to an installation higher than the amp. Consumption of the machine. You may try without the extension cable.
Machine pulsatingAir in inlet hose/pumpAllow machine to run with open trigger until regular working pressure resumes.
Inadequate supply of mains waterCheck that the water supply corresponds to specifications required (see model tag) NB! Avoid using long, thin hoses.
Nozzle partially blocked Water filter blocked Hose kinkedClean the nozzle.
Clean the filter.
Straighten out hose.
Machine often starts and stops by itselfPump/spray handle is leakingContact your nearest.
Machine starts, but no water comes outPump/hoses or accessory frozenWait for pump/hoses or accessory to thaw.
No water supply Water filter blocked Nozzle blockedConnect inlet water.
Clean the filter.
Clean the nozzle.