Sharp air conditioner e1 error

The E1 error is programmed to remind users to clean the air filter. It should be noted that this code won’t clear after carrying out the procedure described in the manual. Resetting (unplugging and plugging it back in) won’t work either. This makes it very inconvenient and frustrating, because the user has to stay in a hot room, probably never wanting to buy another Sharp AC again.

However, there are ways around it, and choosing the right one will get your Sharp AC working again. It takes a few steps, such as:

  1. Press Power on the front panel to power it down.
  2. Disconnect the AC from the mains socket.
  3. Press the Power button again, hold it and connect the appliance to the mains. Without releasing the button, wait until the machine goes through a brief test mode with the fan and compressor briefly turning on. When the test mode is over, you will hear a ‘beep’, and the device will stop and switch off. Once it does, release the button.
  4. Disconnect the unit from the mains.
  5. Reconnect it to the mains.
  6. Now you have another 720 hours of safe and stable operation. Make sure all instructions are followed!