TGM air conditioner error codes

If your air conditioning system shows any strange symptoms, the first thing to do is to check for an error code on the display. By doing this, you will be able to identify the status of the air conditioner and the malfunction that it is suffering. Of course, it is impossible to decipher the code without explanation. This is exactly what you will find below, in the list of error codes for TGM air conditioners.

E0 EEPROM parameter error
E1 Indoor / outdoor units communication protection
E2 Zero-crossing signal error
E3 Fan speed out of control
E5 Open or short circuit of outdoor ambient or condenser temperature sensor
E6 Open or short circuit of indoor room or evaporator temperature sensor
P0 Inverter module (IGBT) over-strong current protection
P1 Overvoltage or too low voltage protection
P2 Temperature protection of compressor top.
P4 Inverter compressor drive error

TGM F series air error codes

Operation lamp Timer lamp Display LED STATUS
☆ 1 time X E1 EEPROM parameter error
☆ 2 times X E2 Zero-crossing signal detection error
☆ 3 times X E3 Indoor fan speed has been out of control
☆ 5 times X E5 Indoor room temperature sensor T1 open circuit or short circuit
☆ 6 times X E6 Evaporator coil temperature sensor T2 open circuit or short circuit
☆ 2 times o EC Refrigerant leakage detection
O(light) X(off) ☆(flash)