Triangle boiler error codes

Every boiler manufacturer sets up a specific system of error codes, which you can find in technical documentation or read in the table below. Along with error codes and names, the table contains causes of malfunctions and lists of steps, which you should take to eliminate it.

TriangleTube CHALLENGER CC 85 boiler error codes

DisplayError DescriptionPossible Solution
10, 11,12, 13,14– CH Supply Sensor fault S1•Check wiring for break
• Check for proper flow direction
• Replace S1
• E10 open sensor •E11 Short sensor
20, 21, 22, 23, 24– CH Return Sensor fault S2• Check wiring for break
• Check for proper flow direction
• Replace S2
• E 20 open sensor •E21 short sensor
0– Sensor fault after self check• Replace S1 and/or S2
1.28-Temperature too high•Air in installation
• Pump not running
• Insufficient flow in installation, shut off valves closed, pump setting too low
• Flow switch sticking or miss-installed
2– S1 and S2 interchanged• Check water flow
• Check wiring
• Replace S1 or S2
4– No flame signal• Manual Gas shut off valve closed
• No or incorrect ignition gap
• Gas supply pressure too low of failling
• Gas valve or ignition unit not powered
5– Poor flame signal• Condensate drain blocked
• Check adjustment of gas valve
6– Flame detection fault• Replace ignition cable + spark plug cap
• Replace ignition unit at gas valve
• Replace boiler controller
8– Incorrect fan speed• Fan catching on casing
• Wiring between fan and casing
• Check wiring for poor wire contact
• Replace fan
29.3– Gas valve relay faulty• Replace boiler controller
LOP– Low CH system pressure• Raise CH pressure above 7 psi [ 0.5 bar]
3, 18, 19– Flue sensor Fault•E18open sensor •E19 Short sensor
• Check/ Replace sensor
• E19 Excessive Temperature
• Clean heat exchanger
7.17– DHW sensor Fault• E17 open sensor
• Check/ replace sensor
• E7 Excessive temperature
• Check gas orifice
• Check combustion settings
50F– Improper frequency• Verify ground
• Frequency should be between 45 and 65 Hz

TriangleTube Prestige Excellence boiler error codes

E00Flame detected prior to burner startup
E02Failed ignition after 5 attempts
E03Gas valve harness not properly connected
E04Power supply lost after lockout occured
E05Internal control failure
E12External limit (terminals 13 & 14) control is OPEN
E13Internal control failure
E18Supply Temperature exceeds 212°F
E19Return temperature exceeds 212°F
E25Supply temperature increased too rapidly
E28No blower signal present
E29Blower signal does not reset to zero
E31Supply temperature sensor is short circuited
E32Return temperature sensor is short circuited
E36Supply temperature sensor is OPEN
E37Return temperature sensor is OPEN
E44Internal control failure
E52Flue temperature exceeds 250°F
E60Internal control error – failure to read parameters
E61Internal control failure
E65Inadequate power supply to the fan