Troy-Bilt pressure washer troubleshooting

Troy-Bilt pressure washers combine science and design in solid symbiosis capable to conquer the hearts even of conservative buyers. Created with the use of the latest achievements in production sphere, they guarantee not only universal, but also a long service life to their owners. The troubleshooting system, represented below in tabular form, conduces it considerably. All the major problems associated with not working equipment, in particular “no pressure” problem, often requiring repair are listed in the table.

Pump has following problems: failure to produce pressure, erratic pressure, chattering, loss of pressure, low water volume.1. Low pressure spray tip installed.1. Replace with high pressure spray tip.
2. Water inlet is blocked.2. Clear inlet.
3. Inadequate water supply.3. Provide adequate water flow.
4. Inlet hose is kinked or leaking.4. Straighten inlet hose, patch leak.
5. Clogged inlet hose screen.5. Check and clean inlet hose screen.
6. Water supply is over 100°F (38°C).6. Provide cooler water supply.
7. High pressure hose is blocked or leaks.7. Clear blocks in outlet hose.
8. Spray gun leaks.8. Replace spray gun.
9. Spray tip is obstructed.9. Clean spray tip.
10. Pump is faulty.10. Contact local service facility.
Detergent fails to mix with spray.1. Detergent siphoning tube is not submerged.1. Insert detergent siphoning tube into detergent.
2. Detergent siphoning tube is clogged or cracked.2. Clean or replace detergent siphoning tube.
3. High pressure spray tip installed.3. Replace with low pressure spray tip.
4. Check ball stuck in detergent siphoning system.4. Unstick check ball as described in Detergent Siphoning Check Ball.
Engine will not start; starts and runs rough or shuts down during operation.1. Engine rocker switch set to off (0) position.1. Set engine rocker switch to on (1) position.
2. Low oil level.2. Fill crankcase to proper level.
3. Dirty air cleaner.3. Clean or replace air cleaner.
4. Out of fuel.4. Fill fuel tank.
5. Stale fuel.5. Drain fuel tank; fill with fresh fuel.
6. Spark plug wire not connected to spark plug.6. Connect wire to spark plug.
7. Bad spark plug.7. Replace spark plug.
8. Water in fuel.8. Drain fuel tank; fill with fresh fuel.
9. Excessively rich fuel mixture.9. Contact local service facility.
Engine lacks power.Dirty air filter.Replace air filter.