Utica boiler boiler error codes

Utica boilers are manufactured in the United States. High productivity, ease of installation and management differ Utica equipment including boilers. Below you will find a table of Utica boiler error codes. Use it for troubleshooting of the equipment Utica and finding ways to eliminate failures.

UTICA BOILERS UB90-125 boiler error codes

Error Code Number Definition
4 Flame current too low. Check for flame.
6 Flame sensed out of normal sequence (before opening or after closing gas valve).
18 Gas valve relays welded. Five consecutive soft lockouts.
23 Flame sensed during prepurge ( before gas valve signaled opened).
32 Sensor 1 error. Temperature sensor in well is not reading correctly. Verify it is connected to board. Replace if necessary.
55 Atmospheric damper end switch failed to close (end switch contacts stuck open).
56 Atmospheric damper end switch failed to open (end switch contacts stuck close).
57 Igniter flame rod shorted to burner ground
58 Igniter flame rod shorted to burner ground. Repair or replace igniter.
59 Line Voltage error – voltage out of specification high or low (15-37V (44-66Hz))
60 Applies only to thermostats having on-board transformer. Polarity is wrong in this case.
Thermostat input higher than threshold.
61 Line voltage unstable – possibly too may heavy loads switching on and off causing erratic supply voltage.
62 Soft lockout: maximum number of retries exceeded.
Soft lockout is reset after one hour if alarm reason disappears.
63 Soft lockout: maximum number of recycles exceeded.
64 Soft Lockout – electronics failure. On-board self diagnostics detected error.
65 Over temperature error. Sensor measured temperature in excess of maximum allowable limit.

UTICA BOILERS UB90-50 boiler error codes

Boiler Not Firing And: Check For: Corrective Actions:
Control display blank 120 vac at terminals L1 and L2 of line voltage strip? NO – Check external line switch and fuse or breaker.
120 vac on both sides of fuse F1? (Turn OFF external power to boiler before removing cover. NO – Turn off power to boiler and replace fuse if necessary. Inspect boiler interior wiring to determine cause of fuse opening.
Wiring correct, in good condition, and securely attached? Correct if needed. Replace any damaged wiring or components. Replace control module if problem persists.
Display first digit shows 0; last digits show 2 or 3-digit number (boiler outlet water temp.) Room thermostat and DHW aquastat satisfied? YES – Boiler off, no call for heat. Turn up thermostat or aquastat. Boiler should start.
Thermostat or aquastat calling for heat but boiler not firing. Check voltage on both sides of low voltage fuse F3. (Turn OFF external power before removing cover.) If necessary, replace fuse. Determine reason for fuse failure if possible.
Check/set boiler parameters 2 and 3. Make sure space heat or DHW is turned on. Turn on if necessary.
Turn off power to boiler. Temporarily jumper low voltage terminal strip terminals T1 and T2 or DHW T1 and DHW T2. Retry. If boiler operates, check CH and DHW thermostat and wiring. Replace if necessary. Remove temporary jumper(s).
Turn off power to boiler. Check wiring against wiring diagram; verify all wiring in good condition and secure.
Replace wire harnesses and retry.
Replace control module.
Display first digit shows a number from 1 to 8; last digits show 2 or 3-digit number (boiler outlet water temp.) Boiler in normal operating mode.