Wall Mounted Boilers

A wall mounted boiler is an optimal choice when there is lack of space. Most wall mounted appliances are compact in size. Length does not usually exceed 850 mm, and they do not weigh more than 50 kg. A wall mounted boiler will not take up much of usable area, and that is crucial when it comes to installing one in a kitchen, as it never boasts a lot of space.


Heating power does not usually exceed 35 kW, but it is enough to heat up a 320 m2 residence. A larger house can do well with two such boilers. Wall mounted heat generators are powered by natural gas, liquefied gas, and electricity. However, electric appliances consume too much electricity. Many home owners end up having to rebuild power lines.

Nowadays, factory-made wall mounted heating generators feature all necessary safety systems. They block gas supply when ignition fails, prevent overheating and damage resulting from electricity cutoffs, and provide stable smoke removal. Many models feature anti-freeze systems, which are activated when gas supply stops. Some models feature a system that blocks gas supply instantly using ionization.
All wall mounted devices come with a full set of extra installation equipment.

Most wall mounted boilers feature an autonomous launch system, which will launch it in case of an electricity cutoff. Simplicity of installation is one of the main criteria of the choice of a heating boiler.


  • Compact size appears to be the biggest plus of all wall mounted appliances. This kind of equipment does not need to be placed in a mechanical room and can be installed in a kitchen.
  • You can conveniently remote-control it. Almost all wall mounted boilers can be operated that way.
  • Installation is quick and easy. It takes just a couple of hours to mount it on a wall. A trained specialist can do that within about an hour.


  • Low capacity.  A floor standing appliance is a better option for a large house, or you will need to buy several wall mounted boilers.
  • Only pump circulation systems can handle this kind of equipment.
  • Low reliability. These boilers break down way more frequently than floor standing ones.
  • Life does not exceed 20 years, which is much shorter than that of a floor standing device.