What Type of Air Filter Should I Buy for My Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner filter is designed to clean air from various negative elements. This includes types of pollution, such as:

  • fluff from the trees and animal wool;
  • various types of dust;
  • smoke from tobacco;
  • musty and unpleasant odors;
  • different allergens;
  • different microorganisms;
  • mold;
  • toxic substances.

The most popular types of air conditioner filters

Mechanic air conditioner filters


These filters are needed to protect the device itself from negative pollution factors. They do not protect a man. Such filters are often included in the configuration of an inverter split system. The filter detains large particles of fluff and dust, prevents small particles of debris from getting into the device. This protects the heat exchanger, drainage and other elements of the device. The design is presented in the form of several grids, which are located under the air intake.

air conditioning filters

High-Efficiency air conditioner filters

Type of Filters for Air Conditioner

  1. Carbon filters. Such filters are able to fight even the smallest particles. They: Prevent dust from entering the equipment; pollen; neutralize the unpleasant odor. Such cleaning elements consist of activated carbon. They do not last long and require regular replacement.
  2. Biofilters clean the air using catechins and vassabi. These substances are known for their natural antiseptic properties and effectively remove microbes, bacteria and viruses. As a result of deep cleaning, the air in the room becomes clean and safe.
  3. Antibacterial filters destroy microorganisms by destroying their protein membrane or the action of ions of a negative type. The resulting compounds are heavier than air, so they fallin the form of a precipitate. The filter is able not only to purify the air from different elements, but to prevent the multiplication of different bacteria and viruses.
  4. Plasma filters create a voltage of the order of 5000 V, while destroying microbes, viruses, pollen of plants, fungi. Purification of air occurs several times faster than in electrostatic filters. Plasma filters very well eliminate unpleasant odors and various allergens that are present in the air.
  5. Photocatalytic filters uses the principle of splitting under the influence of ultraviolet rays of any organic compounds on water, carbon oxides and other harmless substances. To do this, titanium dioxide is applied to the porous surface of the filter, in which this reaction occurs.
  6. The electrostatic filter uses a weak electric field to hold harmful particles. The lifetime of the electrostatic filter is unlimited.

If you don’t pay attention to cleaning and changing the filters, various problems such as the following may arise:

clean with steam change filter air conditioner

  • decrease in the cooling capacity;
  • the more dust in the system, the greater the energy consumption;
  • the device is not working properly, which speeds up its wear and reduces the service life;
  • the dirty filter does not pass air;
  • unpleasant odors appear;
  • the drainage system becomes clogged, which prevents proper drainage of the condensate;
  • the development of mold and pathogens is increasing.