York air conditioner error codes


If you’re familiar with error codes output by York air conditioners, you can remove some of malfunctions on your own. Refer to the check list below to identify the at fault parts. You may use it as a guide for troubleshooting the air conditioner system on your own or tell this code to the techs if you decide to call for service.

York VITALITY series air error codes

Code Description
11/21/31 Discharge temperature exceeded
12/22/32 High-pressure switch, outdoor fan thermal switch or compressor module ther- mal switch (depending on model)
13/23/33 Low pressure switch
14 Indoor fan thermal switch
15/25/35 Repeated cold start-up or suction temperature < -25 °C
41 Gas control 1 or resistor 1 fault
42 Gas control 2 or resistor 2 fault
43 Resistor stage 3 fault
44 Resistor stage 4 fault
45 Fault in economiser or hot water coil (outdoor supply, water return sensor)
46 Smoke detector, high temperature, or supply temperature >80 °C
91 Ambient sensor open or short circuited
92 Internal sensor not calibrated
93 Communication error
94 fault with AL terminal connected
95 S5 digital sensor not detected
96 S6 digital sensor not detected
97 S7 digital sensor not detected
98 S8 digital sensor not detected
99 Digital outdoor sensor not detected

York YHKMXH009BARR-FX air error codes

No. failure description indoor running LED flash times
1 ambient temperature sensor failure 1
2 coil temperature sensor failure 2
3 EEPROM failure 4
4 communication failure between indoor and outdoor 7
5 communication failure between indoor and wired controller 8
6 drainage failure 12
7 current detecting at 0 point 13
8 assistant coil temperature sensor failure 15
9 outdoor failure indoor timer LED flash