AEG microwave troubleshooting

The range of kitchen appliances produced by the German manufacturer AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft AG) established in 1883 includes microwave ovens.
Being an owner of an AEG oven can be rather rewarding, but like any other home appliance it may have an issue. It is very likely that you are capable of troubleshooting it on your own. Just use the chart below for the answer to your question.

AEG B8140-1 microwave troubleshooting

AEG B8140-1 is a built-in oven with a wide variety of functions. It has an attractive design, featuring silvery interior.
In addition to the functions present in many other ovens, like grill single and dual, weight defrost, timer, and a child lock, it also has a number of additional features. There are modes for cooking pizza or baking cakes, as well as roasting large pieces of meat or poultry.

SymptomPossible causeSolution
The oven does not heat up.The oven has not been switched on.Switch on the oven.
The time has not been set.Set the time.
The necessary settings have not been made.Check the settings.
The circuit breaker (at the household fuse box) has tripped or the fuse has blown.Check the fuse. If the circuit breaker trips or the fuse blows several times, please call an approved electrician.
The oven lighting does not come on.The oven light bulb has blown.Replace the light bulb in the oven
Pyroluxe is not functioning ("tEL" appears in the time display)The oven shelf runner has not been removedRemove oven shelf runner
The oven door is lockedThe appliance is not plugged in; The door lock has been activated.Plug in the appliance and wait at least 10 seconds until the red temperature pilot light goes off.

AEG COMPETENCE D microwave troubleshooting

The AEG COMPETENCE line includes about half a dozen models of ovens. All of them are built-in electric double ovens. The D8800-4, D4100-1 and D8100-1 models are multifunction ovens.
Every AEG COMPETENCE D oven consists of two departments: a conventional second oven and smaller dual grill in the top compartment.

The grill, ovens and timer do not workCheck that the cooker has been wired in to the cooker supply and is switched on at the wall.
Check that the main cooker fuse is working.
If you have checked the above: Allow the appliance to cool for a couple of hours. The cooker should now be working normally.
The Grill and Second Oven work but the Main.Oven does not.Check that the time of day has been set on the clock.
Check that the oven is set for manual cooking.
The Grill does not work or cuts out after being used for a long period of timeEnsure that the grill door is open when grilling.
Ensure the cooling fan is running when the grill is on. If the cooling fan fails, the grill will not work. Contact your nearest Service Centre.
Leave the grill door open and allow the grill to cool. After a couple of hours check that the grill works as normal.
The second oven works but the grill does not.Check that the second oven control is in the Off position when using the grill.
The timer does not workCheck that the instructions for the operation of the timer are being closely followed.
The indicator neons are not working correctlyCheck that you have selected only the function you require. Ensure all other controls are in the Off 'O' position.
The oven is not cooking evenlyCheck that the cooker is correctly installed and is level.
Check that the recommended temperatures and shelf positions are being used.
The oven light fails to IlluminateThe oven light bulb may need replacing
If the Main Oven is set for automatic cooking the light will illuminate when the cook time begins.
The oven fan Is noisyCheck that the oven is level.
Check that shelves and bakeware are not vibrating in contact with the oven back panel.
The oven temperature is too high or lowCheck that the recommended temperatures and shelf positions are being used. Be prepared to adjust up or down by 10°C to achieve the results you want.

AEG KR series, KM series microwave troubleshooting

The AEG KM series includes combination microwaves comprising of two ovens. The smaller one (it is on the top) is used for grilling, while the larger one, which is located below, is just a conventional oven. Both of them can be automatically controlled by the electronic timer.
The AEG KR series shares many of the functions AEG KM have, but these microwaves have only one oven.

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
The oven does not heat up.The oven is deactivated.Activate the oven.
The clock is not set.Set the clock.
The necessary settings are not set.Make sure that the settings are correct.
The automatic switch-off is activated.
The Child Lock is on.
The door is not closed correctly.Fully close the door.
The fuse is released.Make sure that the fuse is the cause of the malfunction. If the fuse releases again and again, contact a qualified electrician.
The lamp does not operate.The lamp is defective.Replace the lamp.
The display shows an error code that is not in this table.There is an electrical fault.• Deactivate the oven with the house fuse or the safety switch in the fuse box and activate it again.
• If the display shows the error code again, contact the Customer Care Department.
Steam and condensation settle on the food and in the cavity of the oven.You left the dish in the oven for too long.Do not leave the dishes in the oven for longer than 15 - 20 minutes after the cooking process ends.

AEG MC series, MCC series, MICROMAT microwave troubleshooting

The AEG MC and MCC series consist of about 10 models each. All of the models comprise of only one oven. Each microwave comes with a different set of options, but they share some of the functions, like a child safety lock, weight defrost function, programming etc.
The MICROMAT is a really extensive range of microwaves, including around 40 models. Many of them come from combi or duo lines.

ProblemCheck if...
The microwave appliance is not working properly ?• The fuses in the fuse box are working.
• There has not been a power outage.
• If the fuses continue to blow, please contact a qualified electrician.
The microwave mode is not working ?• The door is properly closed.
• The door seals and their surfaces are clean.
• The START/QUICK-button has been pressed.
The turntable is not turning ?• The turntable support is correctly connected to the drive.
• The ovenware does not extend beyond the turntable.
• Food does not extend beyond the edge of the turntable preventing it from rotating.
• There is nothing in the well beneath the turntable.
The microwave will not switch off?• Isolate the appliance from the fuse box
• Contact your local Service Force Centre.
The interior light is not working ?• Call your local Service Force Centre. The interior light bulb can be exchanged only by trained Service Force technicians
The food is taking longer to heat through and cook than before?• Set a longer cooking time (double quantity = nearly double time) or
• If the food is colder than usual, rotate or turn from time to time or
• Set a higher power setting.