Troubleshooting for the sparking microwave

The advent of the microwave oven has greatly simplified people’s lives. There is an element of household appliances in almost every house where electricity is connected. However, every microwave oven user has noticed sparking or crackling at least once. Such manipulations of technology do not cause the best sensations, this suggests that the microwave oven needs urgent repairs. The operation of a faulty electrical appliance poses a risk of fire or explosion, and also has a negative impact on human health.

Microwave Operation

A modern microwave oven can perform several tasks at once, the electrical system controls and controls the operating parameters of the device during heating. Thanks to the improvement of the device, its safety has increased. Heating occurs under the influence of microwave radiation on food. At this moment, the water molecules vibrate, which thereby form friction with neighboring particles, releasing heat.

The system generating microwave radiation – the magnetron – is the main part of the entire mechanism of the furnace, which forms electromagnetic waves. The source looks like an ordinary lamp that lights up when the device is started. When waves are generated, protective elements are actively working – sensors that control the process and help prevent serious damage.

Why sparks and cracks appear

Why sparks and cracks appear

When metal products (plates, forks, pans, etc.) are found under the influence of electromagnetic waves, a current is formed, electric arc breakdowns occur. The discharge between the conductors is accompanied by crackling, the smell of burning, the furnace begins to spark and shoot. The abuse of such manipulations quickly disables the equipment, as the performance of the magnetron decreases.

Since microwave radiation affects only water molecules, heating chemically dry substances in the included microwave will not lead to a result. They don’t get hot.

Common Causes of Sparks

The following factors can adversely affect the operation of the device:

  • Finding metal utensils in the included microwave oven;
  • Accumulation of fat and food residues in the coupler (wire coupling in the center of the oven chamber, responsible for the rotation of the pan);
  • Contamination or malfunction of the mica cover that protects the magneton and waveguide from high temperatures;
  • Violation of the integrity of the coating inside the chamber;
  • Malfunction of the wire or socket of the device.

The most common cause of a spark is heating food in a metal bowl. Each user at least once forgot a fork or spoon in the microwave. The presence of foil in the oven chamber is also not acceptable! Such, at first glance, harmless actions lead to dangerous device failures. Microwave waves cannot affect food through metal, they are reflected from the walls of the container, forming surface currents. Cast iron, enameled, brass and aluminum containers should be avoided.

Common Causes of Sparks

Large dishes are not suitable for use in the microwave. Too wide plate during the rotation of the coupler will scratch the enamel of the chamber, which negatively affects the performance of the device.

What to do if the microwave oven malfunctions

In the event of a malfunction of the microwave oven, a thorough check for the presence of contamination and violations of the integrity of all mechanisms of the device should be carried out. As a rule, a few preventive actions can solve the problem of a malfunction, but only a master can handle serious breakdowns.

Cleaning and repairing parts of the device

When checking the microwave oven, pay attention to the condition of the cord and socket. Often creases, cracks and other visible damage are the cause of a breakdown, which is better to detect before starting the device.

repairing parts of the device

It is worth paying attention to the condition of the coupler, mica plate, waveguide cover and the entire enamel coating of the microwave. It is necessary to avoid getting liquid on the mechanisms of the device, since this factor most often leads to a short circuit.

A small clutch that fixes the tray in the center of the chamber is subject to periodic contamination during operation. Remains of food and fat accumulate in the bends of the part. And an increased load provokes overheating of the coupler, causes crackling and sparks. It is necessary to avoid switching on an empty furnace chamber, the use of unsuitable containers and to clean the part regularly.

Damage to the enamel on the inside of the microwave oven cavity can also cause sparks. Violation of the integrity of the protective layer can be corrected by a complete replacement of the enamel coating. You can fix the problem at home with the help of a certain paint, which should contain only natural ingredients. Chemical elements harmful to the body should not be allowed to interact with food. For repair, it is necessary to carefully remove the old coating, treat the surface with a degreasing solution and apply paint.

microwave cleaning

A malfunction of the mica cover of the waveguide is one of the reasons for the failure of the microwave oven. The occurrence of a spark can be triggered by mechanical damage or severe contamination of the part. During operation, electromagnetic waves can ignite accumulations of fatty deposits. Darkening, the smell of burning, deformation, cracks and other signs of a violation of the integrity of the mechanism indicate the need for urgent repairs. The plate can be replaced after cleaning the surface of the chamber. It is necessary to remove the unusable part, and cut a new one according to its dimensions. Fix the cover with screws and check the operation of the entire mechanism.

Compliance with the practical recommendations indicated in the user manual will protect the owners of the microwave oven from unwanted ignition and extend the life of the microwave oven.