Bosch microwave error codes

If your microwave oven does not run well or does not turn on at all, you can carry advance diagnostics of malfunctions on your own with the help of our table with microwave oven error codes. It means, simple malfunctions can be easily diagnosed on your own. However, serious problems may require the help of specialists.

Bosch HMC microwave error codes

Bosch HMC is a line of microwaves sharing the same feature: all of them have speed ovens. In fact, they are 2-in-1 microwave and convection ovens.
The models that are currently available offer the maximum microwave power of 1000 W and a 1700 W convection element, which is above average. Their design matches wall ovens, steam ovens, as well as warming drawers made by the same manufacturer.

E-01Thermistor error (open)
E-04Thermistor error (short)
E-08Humidity sensor error
E-11Key pressed for more than 10 seconds or condensation on keypad
E-17Pre-heat too long