Coby DVD player troubleshooting

After the counters of electronics stores were flooded with DVD players, these excellent apparatuses also appeared on a table of repairs. How practice shows, there are similar malfunctions of DVD players in a basic mass. All malfunctions of the type of “No disk” or “Error”, random hangs-up during reproduction, etc. are specified below in our troubleshooting table with faults` codes for Coby DVD players.

SymptomCheck and Action
No power1. Make sure the unit has been powered on manually.
2. Check if the power cord has been properly connected to the power outlet.
3. Make sure the battery pack is fully charged.
Does not play1. No disc, load a disc.
2. Disc has been loaded upside down. Place the disc with the label side up.
3. Disc's rating level is higher than the player’s setting.
4. Disc is incorrect type for the player.
5. Disc is damaged or dirty. Clean the disc or try another one.
6. Moisture may be condensed inside the player. Remove the disc and leave the unit power on for one or two hours.
No Picture1. Check if the TV set has been powered on. Use TV remote to select AV signal for DVD rather than broadcast.
2. Check if the system connection is proper and secure.
3. Check if the connection cables are damaged.
4. Clean the disc.
Picture noisy/distorted1. Disc is damaged or dirty. Clean the disc or try another one.
2. Reset the color system of the TV set.
3. Make sure the DVD player is not connected through a VCR, cable or satellite dish.
No sound or sound output not complete1. Check if the TV and amplifier have been switched on and correctly set.
2. Check if the TV and amplifier system connections are secured.
3. Press AUDIO button to select other audio tracks of the disc.
4. Check if the MUTE function of the TV or amplifier has been activated.
5. There will be no sound output during REVERSE PLAY/PAUSE/SLOW and SEARCH.
Remote control does not work1. Make sure the POWER button on the unit has been turned on manually.
2. Remove the obstacles between the remote control and the player.
3. Point the remote control towards the remote sensor on the player.
4. Check if the batteries of the remote control have been loaded with correct polarities.
5. Replace the batteries of the remote control.
MalfunctionShould the player develop a malfunction, unplug the player for 30 minutes. After that, power on the player and the restore function should reset the player.

Coby TFDVD series DVD player troubleshooting

No power• Connect the power plug into the power port securely.
No picture/sound• If playing back through a TV, verify the connection of the video and audio cables.
Distorted picture• Make sure it is right in NTSC/PAL, the button is on the rear panel of the unit.
Black & White picture• Damaged S connector (Bent pin).
The player does not start playback• Insert a playable disc. (Check the disc type and color system).
• Place the disc with the playback side down and correctly inside the guide.
• Clean the disc.
• Cancel the parental lock function or change the parental lock level. (The Pre-set password is 3308.)
• Reset the portable DVD player.