Rosen DVD player troubleshooting

GOOD PICTURE, BUT NO SOUND OR DISTORTED, "TINNY” SOUNDCheck the MUTE button. Check the volume on the radio, and make sure to try both 87.9 FM and 88.3 FM. Check the headphones; ensure the headphones have a direct “line of sight" to the infrared transmitter below the monitor. Replace headphone batteries, if needed. Check the DVD Setup Menu - the Audio Output setting must be set to “ANALOG" and the Speaker Downmix setting must be set to “STEREO". If using a CD you have made yourself, make sure you did not set the recording level too high
GOOD SOUND, BUT BLURRY PICTUREThis happens if the system components are very cold. Allow the interior of the vehicle to warm up before using the A7 system.
Make sure that the DVD you are playing is in good condition. If using an optional source unit, check the manual for that unit
NO RESPONSE WHEN PRESSING THE REMOTE BUTTONSCheck the battery in the remote control
I HAVE BLACK BARS ON THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF MY SCREEN WITH A WIDESCREEN DVDPlease contact your Rosen authorized dealer - your A7 has internal diagnostic capabilities that are accessible to authorized Rosen dealers