Emerson microwave troubleshooting

Most often, external signs of microwave oven failure are the appearance of sparks, smoke clouds, cessation of rotation of the dish, the lack of heating of food placed in the oven. Or the microwave oven simply does not turn on. In this case, including it in a network is dangerous! See the table below for possible causes of breakdowns and how to solve the problem.

Emerson MW8999SB, MW8115SS, 1000 watts, 900 watt, 700 watt microwave troubleshooting

If the oven does not work Check that the power cord is securely plugged in
Check that the door is firmly closed
Check that the cooking time is set
Check for a blown circuit fuse or tripped main circuit breaker in your house
Check that the Child Lock feature is not engaged
If there is sparking in the cavity Check the containers, dishes or utensils in the oven and make sure they are not metal or have metal trim
Checks for and remove any qrease build up from cavity