GE microwave error codes

GE spacemaker microwave f3 error

When this error code occurs, the oven may start cooking by itself and get out of control. It is a control panel problem.

Please, do the following steps:

  1. Unscrew the top grate, open the door and take it off.
  2. Remove the control panel. Unscrew it and push it upwards until it comes off.
  3. Check the control board. Make sure none of the parts is loose, dirty, greased or corroded. Clean it, if necessary. Replace corroded components, if any.
  4. Put your oven back together, plug it in and test-run it.


Other error codes

Table of error codes for microwave ovens. Possible malfunctions and remedies. Find out the cause of the failure yourself, before contacting the service center.

Fault codeDefinition
FIOpen Thermal Sensor, due to excessive heat in microwave cavity
F2Shorted thermal sensor
F3Shorted touch pad panel
F4Open humidity sensor
F5Shorted humidity sensor
F6Shorted temperature probe
F10Shorted touch screen
ProbeOpen temperature probe or the probe is not plugged in during a temp cook function. Make sure probe is firmly inserted into the wall of microwave and the food item.
888, 8888 or PFIt is possible to see this display upon initial installation or after power was restored due to a power failure. This display can be cancelled and normal operation resumed by touching the CLEAR pad. The clock can be reset on models so equipped.
18 power watch codeIndication of an issue with the electronic control in the microwave.