Hamilton Beach Microwave Troubleshooting

Hamilton Beach microwave will be in use for a long time, but it may have breakdowns. The table below contains all possible problems, their causes and methods of repair. If the display does not work, the microwave turns on, but is not heating up, and so on – you can easily repair the microwave using the information in the table. This table will allow you to save money and time: with the help of the information from the table, you can assess the degree of failure and possibly solve the problem yourself with the help of improvised tools. Thus, microwave troubleshooting will not be a problem for you.

ProblemPossible CausesWhat to do
Dim TEMO LightIn low power cooking, TEMO light may become dimThis is normal
Reflective door may make light seem dim
Steam accumulating on door or hot air coming out of vents during cookingFood releases steam during cooking
TEMO is started accidentally with no food in itMicrowave is started accidentally with no food in itNo damage will occur if the microwave runs for less than 20 seconds
Interference with TV receptionMicrowave operation may affect radio and TV receptionThis is normal
Microwave will not startPower cord not plugged in tightlyUnplug, wait 10 seconds, then plug in again
A fuse is blown or circuit breaker tripsReplace fuse or reset circuit breaker
Problem with electrical outletConsult with professional electrician
Glass turntable makes noise during operationThe microwave cavity is dirtyOpen the microwave and Turntable rest with warm water and microwave-safe deaning products
Popcorn is over-cooked or under- cooked with “Popcorn” Easy ButtonIncorrect power level selected for size of popcorn bagAlways follow manufacturer’s instructions for popcorn if the cooking time for the preset buttons differs from the manufacturer’s recommended time. Never leave popcorn cooking unattended.