How to clean a microwave oven with vinegar

I can’t say that this is a normal thing for my household, but I had to leave for a business trip. I was away for 2 weeks. My daughter was left in charge. Of course, they cooked things on the stove with Dad, but they warmed up the food in the microwave oven, and this is what I discovered upon my arrival.

Residue of soup, meat, chocolate pudding (and God knows what else) firmly stuck on the surface of my microwave oven, and, judging by the state of stains, it was there for a fairly long time. Well, even if I was able to clean something off with the help of dishwashing liquid, the oven eventually looked somewhat like that.

Mom advised to try cleaning the oven with vinegar. It was an interesting idea. I thought it was very convenient, since there was no need to buy expensive cleansers and vinegar is always at hand, but even if you don’t have it – it is not that expensive.

Open the window while cleaning the microwave oven, so that the smell of the vinegar does not spread to the whole room.

At first, I thought that vinegar could have reacted with the surface of the oven and dissolve it, but usual 9% solution of my favorite dressing cannot damage the covering of microwave oven. Besides, vinegar can’t scratch it either in compare to salt.

I took ordinary 9% vinegar, a soft sponge, a wet cloth and towels.

Pour water and vinegar in a bowl which can withstand the heating in a microwave oven. I poured 50/50. Maybe it’s worth changing the concentration. I put it inside, switched on the oven at full power for one minute.

The food residue softened.

Next, I moistened the sponge in the liquid and began to rub the inner surface of the oven. It was amazing, but the dirt disappeared. I wetted the sponge from time to time and could finally wipe off the entire surface.

It took me only 5 minutes!

I could easily clean the outer surface of the microwave oven as well.

After I wiped off the entire surface with a sponge, I poured ordinary water into a bowl, moistened the sponge and thoroughly washed the vinegar off the inner and outer surface of the oven. Then I wiped it dry with a towel.

If you are worried that the oven and food that you will be heating in it will have the smell of vinegar, simply wipe the surface of the oven after cleaning with lemon juice and leave the door open for the night.

Here we go – my stove is now clean and fresh! To remove all the dirt and fat I needed 10 minutes of time, vinegar as a cleaner and a desire to get my favorite microwave oven to its original look.