How to clean a microwave with dish soap

The main difficulty of washing the microwave is that it you cannot clean it with abrasive means as they can scratch the enamel or ceramics (depending on the type of coating of each particular model), so you can only use soft methods for removing dirt. There are several effective and cheap ways to wash off fat and food residues on the inner surfaces of the microwave oven. One of them involves using a sponge and laundry soap.


Let’s try to clean the microwave oven with usual laundry soap and a sponge for dishes. We will also need a small bowl and warm water. Here’s what we have in the beginning:

Take a small piece of laundry soap and rub on a small grater into a wide container.

Fill it with warm water and mix.

Step 1

Put the bowl in the microwave and switch it on the maximum power for 3-4 minutes. The solution needs to boil.

Step 2

After the solution starts to boil, leave it in the oven for 10-15 minutes, and do not open the door. This will make the hot water evaporate and soften the fat and the remnants of food that have stuck to the walls. Now you can clearly see the degree of contamination and the dirt will be easily washed off:

Step 3

Take a sponge for the dishes; abundantly moisten it with water and rub it against a piece of soap to create soap foam. Turn off the oven from the electricity and wash the entire internal surface with foam. Fat will be washed off quite easily, but in some places you will have to make more serious effort – make it carefully with the hard side of the sponge, without undue effort.

The rotating plate can be also perfectly cleaned after lying in the household soap solution. While you are cleaning the oven, pour some hot soapy solution into the sink and just let it soak. After you finish cleaning the microwave, wash the plate and put it in its place.

Step 4

Wash the sponge from the soap and wash the foam off the walls. Leave the microwave open for 15-20 minutes to dry. Plug it into the outlet. It is ready for work.

If your model has a built-in ventilation function – turn it on for 5 minutes to avoid possible unpleasant smells. If not – pour a couple of spoons of salt in a small container and leave it in a closed oven for the night. The salt will absorb all the humidity and all the “fragrances”.

The result of cleaning microwave oven with soap

This is how clean it became: fast, without problems and effort, without extra costs on specialized cleaning products.