Jenn Air Microwave Troubleshooting

The tables below explain what to do if your Jenn Air microwave doesn’t operate correctly. The type of problem may vary from strange operational sounds to excessive heat or uncooked food. Just identify the unusual symptom and follow the troubleshooting tips from the right column.

Jenn Air JIC4430XS Microwave Troubleshooting

Problem Cause Solution
Nothing will operate Is the cooktop wired properly? Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician
Has a household fuse blown, or has a circuit breaker tripped?
Cooktop will not operate Is the cooktop control set correctly? Touch the display area on the control panel to select a cooking surface before selecting a function
Is the “Control Lock” Cooktop Lockout set?
Has the cooktop turned off by itself? The power off key was unintentionally touched. Press power key again. Reset the cooktop
Excessive heat around cookware on cooktop Is the cookware the proper size? Use cookware about the same size as the surface cooking area. Cookware should not extend more than Vz* (1.3 cm) outside the cooking area
Cooktop cooking results not what expected Is the proper cookware being used?
Is the cooktop control set to the proper heat level?
Is the cooktop level? Level the cooktop
Display shows messages Is the display flashing when you place a saucepan on an induction surface cooking area? Check that the saucepan is electromagnetic. Check that the diameter of the saucepan is large enough. Center the saucepan on the surface cooking area. Allow the saucepan to cool down in the event that it has become hot when used. Switch the surface cooking area off, then on again. If the display still does not light up. turn power off at the circuit breaker. Wait 20 seconds and turn power back on
Is the Performance boost function display flashing and switching off? The Performance boost function operates the surface cooking area with the most power. During long cooking times, it is possible that the function will switch the surface cooking area off to keep the cooktop from overheating. You can continue to use the cooktop if the display is not flashing
Is the display flashing “Er” and numbers? If an “Er” and a series of numbers appear in the display panel, turn power off at the circuit breaker. Turn on again. If problem continues, call customer service
Operational cooktop sounds Is there a low humming? This occurs when cooking at high power. The cause of this is the amount of energy that is transmitted from the appliance to the cookware. This sound will quiet or go away when the power is turned down
Is there a crackling? This sound occurs when cookware is used that consists of different materials. The noise is caused by vibrations in the joint faces between the different layers. It may change depending on the amount and type of food being cooked
Is there a fan noise? The electronics require a controlled temperature in order to function reliably. The cooktop is fitted with a fan that runs at various speeds according to the temperature detected. The fan may also continue to run even after the cooktop has been switched off, if the temperature it detects is too high

Jenn Air JMC8100ADB Microwave Troubleshooting

Oven will not start. • Electrical cord for oven is not plugged in. • Plug into the outlet.
• Door is open. • Close the door and try again.
• A fuse in your home may be blown. • You did not press START
• The circuit breaker tripped. • Replace fuse or contact a qualified electrician.
• Plug is not inserted into wall outlet properly. • Reset circuit breaker.
• Fully insert the 3-prong plug into wall outlet.
Arcing or sparking • Materials to be avoided in microwave oven such as metal or foil are used. • Check materials and utensils you can use in microwave oven.
• The oven is operated when empty. • Do not operate with oven empty.
• Spilled food remains in the cavity. • Clean cavity with wet towel.
Food is not cooked, defrosted enough or overcooked. • Materials to be avoided in microwave oven are used. • Use microwave-safe cookware only
• Oven ventilation ports are restricted. • Check to see that oven ventilation ports are not restricted.
• The cooking time or power level is not at recommended setting. • Check the chart.
• Food is not turned or stirred. • Turn or stir food.
LOCK appears on display. • The control is locked. • Press START and hold for 4 seconds to unlock control panel
The oven is not cooking even though the display shows time counting down. • You may be using Timer. •Press STOP/CLEAR to cancel the Timer.
• The door is not securely closed. • Open and close the door.
The turntable will not rotate. • The turntable is not correctly in place. • Check that the turntable is correctly placed on the receptacle.
You do not hear any tone when keypad is pressed or end-of- cooking sound. • You have turned off beep sound. • Reset the setting to beep sound on.
ERROR (ERROR 1, 2) message appears in the display window. • ERROR 1: If door is opened before time countdown appears in the display. • Press STOP/CLEAR
• ERROR 2: If the oven has not been plugged into a power supply for more than 5 minutes when you start Sensor Cooking. • Press STOP/CLEAR and wait for 5 minutes to restart
Why couldn’t 1 get good results even though 1 cooked food using Auto Sensor Cooking? • The food was not covered properly.
• STOP/CLEAR was pressed or the door was opened while the sensor was programming the right cooking time and power level. • Do not open the door or press STOP/CLEAR while display shows SENSOR COOKING
• The food being cooked was not suitable for Auto Sensor Microwaving. • Use Timed Cooking
• There may have been too much or not enough food to ensure proper results from Auto Sensor Microwaving. • When cooking more than 2 lbs (900 g) or less than 4 oz. (115 g) of food

Jenn Air M417 Microwave Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
If nothing on the oven operates • check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main circuit breaker.
• check if oven is properly connected to electric circuit in house.
• check that controls are set properly
If control panel lights, yet oven will not start • door is not securely closed.
• Start Pad must be touched after entering cooking selection.
• another selection entered already in oven and Cancel/Off Pad not touched to cancel it.
• make sure you have entered cooking time after touching Time Cook Pad.
• Cancel/Off Pad was touched accidentally. Reset cooking program and touch Start Pad.
• temperature probe not inserted properly nor not being used during Probe Code or Temp Cook.
• make sure you have entered a desired finished temperature after touching Temp Cook & Hold Pad
If “ERROR’ appears on display • a temperature less than 90° F. or more than 199°F. has been entered.
• weight is incorrect for Defrost Code. It is necessary to reset oven.
• a valid clock time was not entered
If “PROBE” appears oil display • probe has been forgotten or not seated properly in oven wall when using Temp Cook & Hold or Probe Code functions
If the oven interior light or cooktop light does not work • the light bulb is loose or defective
If oven floor is hot • this is normal. The floor is absorbing heat from the food
If interior of oven collets moisture • this is normal. Food gives off moisture when cooking and the steam collects on the door and the oven surface. Wipe excess moisture from oven after each use
If the exhaust fan docs not work • check for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.
• check if oven is properly connected to electric circuit in house
If the exhaust fan starts automatically check for high temperature cooking on the cooktop or in the range below
If foods arc either overcooked or undercooked • cooking times may vary because of starting food temperature, food density or amount of foods in oven.
• incorrect power level entered. Check Cookbook for recommended power level, or changing levels during cooking if necessary.
• dish was not rotated, turned or stirred. Some dishes require specific instructions.
• too many dishes in oven at same time. Cooking time must be increased when cooking more than one food item.
• probe not inserted properly into meat or dish when using Temp Cook & Hold or Probe Code functions

Jenn Air M457 Microwave Troubleshooting

Problem Cause Solution
Nothing will operate Has a household fuse blown, or has the circuit breaker tripped? Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician
Is the microwave wired properly?
Microwave oven will not operate Is the door completely closed? Firmly close door.
Is the electronic oven control set correctly?
On some models, is the Button Lock set?
On combination oven models, is the lower oven self- cleaning? The upper oven will not work during the lower oven Self- Cleaning Cycle
Is the magnetron working properly? Try to heat 1 cup (250 mL) of cold water for 2 minutes at 100% cooking power. If water does not heat, call for service
Oven makes humming noise This is normal and occurs when the transformer in the magnetron cycles on
Oven door looks wavy This is normal and will not affect performance
Turntable will not operate Is the turntable properly in place? Make sure turntable is correct side up and is sitting securely on the turntable support
Is the turntable support operating properly? Remove turntable. Remove and clean turntable support and rollers. Replace turntable support. Replace turntable. Place 1 cup (250 mL) of water on the turntable, then restart oven. If it still is not working, call for service.
Turntable rotates both directions This is normal and depends on motor rotation at beginning of cycle
Turntable continues to rotate after cooking cycle is complete This is normal and allows for proper cooling of the microwave oven. The turntable, mircrowave oven light and cooling fan will continue to run until the microwave door is opened or Cancel is pressed
Display shows time countdown, but is not operating Is the KitchenTimer in use?
Tones are not sounding Are tones disabled?
Smoke is coming from oven vent during broiling or grilling (on some models) Some smoke is normal and occurs just as in conventional crisping
Sparking during broiling or grilling (on some models) This is normal and occurs as fat burns off from past cooking. Sparking will stop once fat is completely burned off.

Jenn Air UMC5200BAB Microwave Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Neither the oven’s display nor the oven operate • Properly insert the plug into a grounded outlet.
• If the outlet is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is turned on.
• Remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it in again.
• Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown fuse.
• Plug another appliance into the outlet; if the other appliance doesn’t work, have a qualified electrician repair the outlet.
• Plug the oven into a different outlet
The oven’s display works, but the power won’t come on • Make sure the door is closed securely.
• Check to see if packing material or other material is stuck to the door seal.
• Check for door damage.
• Touch STOP/CLEAR pad twice and re-enter all cooking instructions
The power goes off before the set time has elapsed • If there has not been a power outage, remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it in again. If there was a power outage, the time indicator will display: PLEASE TOUCH CLOCK AND SET TIME OF DAY. Reset the clock and any cooking instructions.
• Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown fuse
The food is cooking too slowly • Make sure the oven is on its own 20 amp circuit line. Operating another appliance on the same circuit can cause a voltage drop. If necessary, move the oven to its own circuit
You see sparks or arcing • Remove any metallic utensils, cookware, or metal ties. If using foil, use only narrow strips and allow at least one inch between the foil and interior oven walls
The turntable makes noises or sticks • Clean the turntable, roller ring and oven floor.
• Make sure the turntable and roller ring are positioned correctly
Using your microwave causes TV or radio interference • This is similar to the interference caused by other small appliances, such as hair dryers. Move your microwave further away from other appliances, like your TV or radio

Jenn Air W10285189B Microwave Troubleshooting

Problem Cause Solution
Microwave oven will not operate Household fuse or circuit breaker If a household fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped, replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician
Magnetron Try to heat 1 cup (250 mL) of cold water for 2 minutes at 100% cooking power. If water does not heat, try the steps in the bullets below. If microwave oven still does not operate, call for service
Door Firmly close door. On some models, if a packaging spacer is attached to inside of the door, remove it, then firmly close door. If a message about the door appears in the display, the door has been closed for 5 minutes or more without the microwave oven being started. This occurs to avoid unintended starting of the microwave oven. Open and close the door, then start the cycle
Control Make sure control is set properly. Make sure Control Lock is off. Make sure Demo Mode (on some models) is off
Arcing in the microwave oven Soil buildup Soil buildup on cavity walls, microwave inlet cover, cooking rack supports, and area where the door touches the frame can cause arcing.
Turntable alternates rotation directions This is normal and depends on motor rotation at the beginning of the cycle
Display shows messages A flashing or “PF” means there has been a power failure Reset the clock
A letter followed by a number is an error indicator Call for assistance
Odor and smoke coming from microwave oven during convection cooking (on some models) This is normal for the first few convection cycles. The odor will dissipate with repeated use
Quartz bulb (on some models) does not appear to be on This is not unusual
Is the element still working properly? Place 2 slices of bread on the tall grill rack, place the rack on the turntable and close the door. Program the microwave oven using manual grill – without microwaves – for 4 minutes. The bread should toast dark brown. If it does not toast, call for service
Fan running during cooktop usage This is normal. The microwave oven’s cooling fan (on some models), which is separate from the vent fan, automatically comes on during microwave oven operation to cool the microwave oven. It may also automatically come on and cycle on and off to cool the microwave oven’s controls while the cooktop below is being used
Radio, TV or cordless phone interference Proximity Move the receiver away from the microwave oven, or adjust the radio or TV antenna
Soil Make sure the microwave oven door and sealing surfaces are clean
Frequency Some 2.4 GHz-based cordless phones and home wireless networks may experience static or noise while microwave oven is on. Use a corded phone, a different frequency cordless phone or avoid using these items during microwave oven operation