Kenmore microwave troubleshooting

The American brand Kenmore is owned by the Company Sears. Today, a variety of appliances, which pleases users more than 90 years, are produced under the brand Kenmore. The principle of “the most features at the lowest price” is laid down in each product unit, including microwaves. Moreover, the troubleshooting table below is intended for possible errors of Kenmore microwaves.

Kenmore 592.8504 Series microwave oven troubleshooting

Neither the oven’s display nor the oven operate.• Properly insert the plug into a grounded outlet.
• If the outlet is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is turned on.
• Remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it in again.
• Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown fuse.
• Plug another appliance into the outlet; if the other appliance doesn’t work, have a qualified electrician repair the outlet.
• Plug the oven into a different outlet.
The oven's display works, but the power won’t come on.• Make sure the door is closed securely.
• Check to see if packing material or other material is stuck to the door seal.
• Check for door damage.
• Press STOP/CLEAR pad twice and re-enter all cooking instructions.
The power goes off before the set time has elapsed.• If there has not been a power outage, remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it in again. If there was a power outage, the time indicator will display: PLEASE TOUCH CLOCK AND SET TIME OF DAY. Reset the clock and any cooking instructions.
• Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown fuse.
The food is cooking too slowly.• Make sure the oven is on its own 20 amp circuit line. Operating another appliance on the same circuit can cause a voltage drop. If necessary, move the oven to its own circuit.
• This microwave can control power level 0-100%. Too slow cooking can be caused by low power level.
You see sparks or arcing.• Remove any metallic utensils, cookware, or metal ties. If using foil, use only narrow strips and allow at least one inch between the foil and interior oven walls.
The turntable makes noises or sticks.• Clean the turntable, roller ring and oven floor.
• Make sure the turntable and roller ring are positioned correctly.
Using your microwave causes TV or radio interference.• This is similar to the interference caused by other small appliances, such as hair dryers. Move your microwave further away from other appliances, like your TV or radio.
Normal noise during operation.• Buzzing can be caused by the magnetron.
• Dull thumping sound while oven is operating.
• Slight vibration is considered normal during operation.
• The powerful hood fan can make noise. You can control the fan speed 1 -4 level.

Kenmore 790.803 microwave oven troubleshooting

Nothing works.• The power supply cord is not plugged into a grounded 3 prong outlet. (See the "Electrical Requirements "and " Electrical Connection" sections.)
• A household fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped.
• The electric company has had a power failure.
The microwave oven will not run.• You are using the oven as a timer. Touch STOP to cancel the Kitchen Timer.
• The door is not firmly closed and latched.
• You did not touch START.
• You did not follow directions exactly.
• An operation that you set earlier is still running. Touch STOP to cancel that operation.
Food is not cooked enough.• The electric supply to your home or wall outlets is low or lower than normal. Your electric company can tell you if the line voltage is low. Your electrician or service technician can tell you if the outlet voltage is low.
• The cook power is not at the recommended setting. Check the Microwave Power Levels chart.
• Refer to the Microwave Cooking Tips section.
The display shows a time counting down but the oven is not cooking.• The oven door is not closed completely.
• You have set the controls as a Kitchen Timer. Touch STOP to cancel the Kitchen Timer.
The turntable will not turn.• The turntable is not correctly in place. The glass plate should be correct-side up and sitting firmly on the center shaft.
• The turntable has been set to OFF.
• The hub is not operating correctly. Remove the turntable and restart the oven. If the hub still does not move, call Sears Service at I-8OO-4-MY-HOME. Cooking without the turntable can give you poor results.
You do not hear the programming or end-of-cycle tone.• The sound has been set to OFF. See Turning Sound On/Off section.

Kenmore microwave model 721 troubleshooting

Why is the oven light not on during cooking?There may be several reasons why the oven light is not on. Have you:
• Set a cooking time?
• Touched START?
Why does steam come out of the air exhaust vent?Steam is normally produced during cooking. The microwave oven has been designed to vent this steam.
Will the microwave oven be damaged if it operates empty?Yes. Never operate the oven empty or without the glass turntable.
Does microwave energy pass through the viewing screen in the door?No. The metal screen bounces the energy back to the oven cavity. The holes (or ports) allow only light to pass through. They do not let microwave energy pass through.
Why does a tone sound when a pad on the control panel is touched?The tone tells you that the setting has been entered.
Can my microwave oven be damaged if food is cooked for too long?Like any other cooking appliance, it is possible to overcook food to the point that the food creates smoke and even possibly fire, and damage to the inside of the oven. It is always best to be near the oven while you are cooking.
When the oven is plugged into the wall outlet for the first time, and it might not work properly. What is wrong?The microcomputer controlling your oven may temporarily become scrambled and fail to function as programmed when you plug in for the first time or when power resumes after a power interruption. Unplug the oven from the 120 volt household outlet and then plug it back in to reset the microcomputer.
Why do 1 see light reflection around the outer case?This light is from the oven light which is located between the oven cavity and the outer wall of the oven.
What are the various sounds 1 hear when the microwave oven is operating?The clicking sound is caused by a mechanical switch turning the microwave oven’s magnetron ON and OFF.
The heavy hum and dunk is from the change in power the magnetron draws as it is turned ON and OFF by a mechanical switch .The change in blower speed is from the change in line voltage caused by the magnetron being turned ON and OFF.
What is wrong when baked foods have a hard, dry, brown spot?A hard, dry, brown spot indicates overcooking. Shorten the cooking or reheating time.
Why do eggs sometimes pop?When baking, frying, or poaching eggs, the yolk may pop due to steam build-up inside the yolk membrane. To prevent this, simply pierce the yolk with a wooden toothpick before cooking. CAUTION: Never microwave eggs in the shell.
Why are scrambled eggs sometimes a little dry after cooking?Eggs will dry out when they are overcooked, even if the same recipe is used each time. The cooking time may need to be varied for one of these reasons:
• Eggs vary in size.
• Eggs are at room temperature one time and at refrigerator temperature another time.
• Eggs continue cooking during standing time.
Why do baked apples sometimes burst during cooking?The peel has not been removed from the top half of each apple to allow for expansion of the interior of the apple during cooking. As in conventional cooking methods, the interior of the apple expands during the cooking process.
Why do baked potatoes sometimes burn during cooking?If the cooking time is too long, fire could result. At the end of the recommended cooking time, potatoes should be slightly firm. CAUTION: Do not overcook.
Why is a standing time recommended after microwave cooking time is over?Standing time allows foods to continue cooking evenly for a few minutes after the actual microwave oven cooking cycle. The amount of standing time depends upon the density of the foods.
Why is additional time required for cooking food stored in the refrigerator?As in conventional cooking,the initial temperature of food affects total cooking time. You need more time to cook food taken out of a refrigerator than for food at room temperature.