MINTEK DVD player troubleshooting

ProblemPossible Solution
No sound• Check if the unit is connected securely.
• Check if the volume of headphone is set to MIN when using headphone.
• Make sure you operate the TV or amplifier correctly.
• Make sure you have selected DVD player position on the amplifier
No image• Check if the unit is connected securely.
• Make sure you operate the TV correctly.
• Make sure you set the color system correctly
Bad sound quality• Make sure the audio output mode is set correctly.
• Make sure the audio connection between the unit and amplifier is right
Disc can not be played• There is no disc in the unit.
• Put the disc on the disc tray properly with the label side up.
• Clean the disc.
• Moisture has condensed in the unit. Remove the disc and leave the unit on for about one hour
Remote control does not work• Remove barriers between the remote control and the unit.
• Point the remote control at the remote control sensor of the unit.
• Replace the batteries with new ones
Image rolls and no colorThe color system of the unit doesn’t match with that of TV. Please select the correct TV TYPE until TV shows normal color