Samsung microwave error codes

Want to find a quick way to repair your microwave oven? Check out the chart below for tips and guidelines. This list explains all the possible fault codes, including Samsung microwave error code SE.
If you try the solutions suggested below, you may well be able to fix your oven without a service technician. Remember, however, that this work should be performed with the greatest care and safety.

Samsung SMH microwave error codes

SMH is a line of microwaves made by the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. These products offer a good value for money, and if you compare prices and features of the microwaves from other brands, you will very likely come back to Samsung.
One of the most popular microwave ovens in this range is Samsung SMH1816S. It has an above-average wattage of 1,100, but no convection cooking.

Error CodeGas Sensor Error Case (E-1X)Solution
E-11OpenCheck Sensor part .connection of sensor
housing and PCB’s connector.
E-13T1 Max Time Error
E-14Dry Up / No LoadInsert food and restart
Samsung SE errorKey Short Error (10 seconds)Turn off set and restart.

Samsung DE microwave error codes

The Samsung DE series consists of reasonably priced microwaves with a sufficient number of features. The ovens range from 1.6 to 2.1 cubic feet of capacity, some of them allow for convection. Some have grill included and boast enamel-coated interior.
This line is no longer available, as the company has replaced it for the more state-of-the-are models.

Error Items CodeCause/Remedy
Low VoltageLoLow Batt. Voltage/Check the Batt.
(Min. 21.5V)
High VoltageHIHigh Batt. Voltage/Check the Batt.
(Max. 29.5V)
No AcknowledgenAEEPROM(internal memory IC) error/Call service center
Check-sum ErrorCE
Thermistor ShortEIThermistor Sensor failure/Call service center
Thermistor OpenEo
No currentnC• No current or over current.
• Press the Cancel ( ) button.
• Press the Start( )+30s button after setting up
cooking time.
• Call Service Center (Displaying three times
continuous “nC” or “oC”).
Over currentoCSee code nC