What is convection microwave oven

Principle of operation

Convection in a microwave oven works on the principle of even distribution of heat flows throughout the oven. Water or vapor particles move in a circle, progressive heat to each other and forming a closed system.

The convection mode, as many mistakenly believe, is not an integral part of the function of the grill. However, due to its presence, the microwave oven works much more efficiently.

A microwave oven equipped with this function can be placed on a level with a conventional oven. The main difference from other models is:

  • Large size and higher electricity consumption.
  • Ability to completely replace the oven.

Dishes cooked in such an oven cannot be burnt or raw. They are evenly baked from all sides, you can also achieve a mouth-watering rustic crust.

Pros and cons

Pros of the convection mode:

  1. You can simultaneously select several cooking modes.
  2. Significant savings in your time and effort.
  3. Most of the nutrients in the dishes are preserved.
  4. Ability to select automatic mode.

Disadvantages of the convection mode:

  1. Inferior to a conventional oven in size, that is, you cannot simultaneously prepare a large number of products.
  2. Only certain dishes may be used.
  3. Consumes a lot of electricity.
  4. High prices.