Amana thermostat troubleshooting

The thermostat touchscreen buttons are not responsiveThe touchscreen is out of calibrationRemove the thermostat from the backplate. Push the thermostat back onto the backplate, while keeping your finger pressed firmly against the center of the touchscreen, until the Calibration screen appears. Re-calibrate theTouchscreen
The display is blankLack of proper powerMake sure the power is on to the HVAC and that you have 24vac between R & C
The air conditioning does not attempt to turn on. The cooling setpoint is set too highLower the cooling setpoint or lower the cooling setpoint limit
The heating does not attempt to turn onThe heating setpoint is set too lowRaise the heating setpoint or raise the heating setpoint limit
When controlling a residential heat pump, and asking for cooling, the heat comes onThe thermostat reversing valve dip switch is set for "B" Set the reversing valve jumper for "0"
When calling for cooling, both the heat and cool come on. The thermostat equipment dip switch is configured for "HP" and the HVAC unit is a Gas/ElectricSet the equipment dip switch for "Gas"
Air handler control board fuse blows when thermostat is attached to backplate with power on, but does not blow until the thermostat is placed onto the backplateThe Outdoor sensor and/or sensor wiring is shortedCheck/replace Outdoor sensor and/or sensor wiring