Clean dishwasher with vinegar

Proper dishwasher care is the main condition for a long service life of this appliance. There are many ways how you can clean it and one of them requires vinegar.
How to clean the dishwasher with vinegar

Vinegar helps to clean the dishwasher from scale. In addition, it is an excellent tool against mold and microbes. Before you start this process, you need to prepare your household appliance, and namely, you need to clean:

  • array arms. This part of the appliance is always clogging with food remnants and scale. The neglect of cleaning procedures may lead to malfunctions;
  • rubber seals. You need to clean out all dirt and mold;
  • metal baskets. They should be cleaned of food, rust and grease;
  • all joints. A lot of dirt is accumulated in these spots.

How clean dishwasher with vinegar

After the work is done, the dishwasher is ready for the descaling. You will need a plate (glass) and table vinegar.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Insert clean baskets in the dishwasher.
  2. Fill the container with vinegar and put it inside (see photo).
  3. Start the machine for a full cycle.
  4. After washing is complete, remove the plate from the bottom of the chamber.

clean dishwasher

To make cleaning more effective use soda after you have completed the procedure with vinegar. Spread it on the bottom of the device and leave it for a while (preferably for the whole night), then turn on the machine for a full cycle.

How to clean a dishwasher filter

Drain filter should be cleaned on a regular basis, otherwise, you may face the following problems:

  • drain plumming or water stagnation (leaks, moisture on the bottom, etc.);
  • poor quality of dish washing (stains, dirt);
  • unpleasant odor, etc.

The drain filter is located on the bottom of the dishwasher and it is not difficult to remove it: turn it clockwise or simply pull it out of the socket. Before removing the filter, you need to make sure that the dishwasher is disconnected from the power supply.

How to clean a dishwasher filter

For your reference: You can find more detailed information about the location of a drain filter and ways how to remove it correctly in your dishwasher’s manual.

Disassemble the filter and rinse its components separately. If there is a lot of scale which cannot be removed with the water, then you should soak all parts of the filter using detergents. Next, assemble all parts of the filter and install it on the bottom of the washing machine.

Another important step for taking good care of a dishwasher is the cleaning the rinsing chamber. For quick and effective cleaning, use a toothbrush and toothpick (to remove dirt in small openings).

clean a dishwasher filter

The basic tips on how to keep the dishwasher clean:

  • if the unit is used regularly the filter should be cleaned at least once a week
  • vinegar cleaning should be carried out at least once a month

Taking regular care for the dishwasher and following of our advice will not only help to keep this household appliance clean but also prolong the service life of your irreplaceable kitchen assistant.