Clearing the Error Code LC on a Samsung Dishwasher

The LC fault code appears when the leak sensor detects excess moisture in the unit, which may suggest a leak. However, this may be a glitch. Disconnect the unit from the mains and wait about 15 minutes. Plug it back in and try a cycle again. In most cases, the error disappears. If it does not, there is either a leak sensor issue or there is a leak indeed.

NOTE: the error may occur due to moisture in the base of the unit, which is not necessarily due to a leak. Therefore, this leak error code may have several explanations.

LC or LE flashing on your Samsung dishwasher’s display means Water Leakage Error.

The leak sensor has detected moisture or leak in the machine.

Check your machine for leaks. If there is a lot of water in the base, most likely, there is a good reason for the code to appear. Follow the link and see how to fix the problem.

If no leak is found, see other causes of the LC / LE error.

Too much detergent

The error may appear when you have overfilled the dispenser with detergent. This can cause the formation of suds, which gets out of the tub and into the base.

After installation or movement

This could have resulted in water being spilled on the sensor. Since it takes a bit of time for water to dry, the sensor may signal the error until it dries.

Connection to a garbage disposal unit

The error often occurs when the dishwasher is connected to garbage disposal, especially when users fail to remove the cap on the latter. To clear the LC code, make sure that the cap has been removed.

The LC code is still there

If the code is still flashing, try resetting the unit: disconnect it from the mains and wait 15 minutes. This will also allow some water to dry out, reboot the leak sensor, and deactivate it (maybe there was some water on the sensor itself). Once the code appears, the pump is activated, and it will work until the water is drained from the unit (not any further).  Finally, you can try to adjust the sensor.

If none of these steps works, please, contact a professional or carry out steps described below.