Dishwasher not filling with water

So, what if your dishwasher doesn’t fill water?

Dishwasher not filling with water

Sometimes all it takes to solve this problem it to check all possible causes:

  1. Check whether there is water in the house. Very often, people do not pay attention to the warnings sent by utility companies. It is very likely that they do some maintenance work and there is simply no water in the tap at all.
  2. Check if the door is closed tightly. Like any washing machine, dishwashers will not work if the door is not tightly closed. The door should produce a clicking sound and only then it will start the washing cycle.
  3. Dishwasher is connected directly to the water supply. It always has a valve which you can use to stop the water intake. Make sure the valve is open.
  4. If all of the above points seem fine, pay attention to the hose which pumps water into the appliance.

The most common dishwasher “diseases” are:

  • clogged filter;
  • faulty intake valve;
  • broken door;
  • faulty pressure switch;
  • issues with the control module;
  • Aqua Stop system is out of order (in some types of dishwashers).

Clogged filter

City water is usually very hard and water utility system may contain all sorts of impurities. Not surprisingly, intake valve filters often get clogged and dishwashers refuse to work. Sometimes it happens that water fills too slowly and dishwasher makes a buzzing sound.

You can solve this problem by yourself. At the point of connection of the hose with the dishwasher you will find a mesh filter. Remove the mesh and put in a citric acid solution. Then clean the holes with a needle.

Faulty intake valve

Faulty intake valve

Absolutely all dishwashers, even the oldest models, are equipped with a water supply valve. If it breaks, your appliance stops collecting water. The valve simply cannot open the gate after receiving the signal.

Broken door and faulty pressure switch

No dishwasher will start a washing cycle if the unit door is not closed properly. Close the door tightly or call a serviceman for making a repair.

Pressure switch malfunction is a fairly common cause of a dishwasher failure. Without this part, the control module will not be able to receive information about the water pressure in the system. Accordingly, the specified cycle will not start, because the system will not understand how much water it will need to fill. You will have to install a new pressure switch.