How many gallons of water does a dishwasher use

How many gallons of water does a dishwasher use

Well-known manufacturers of modern household appliances have been long manufacturing dishwashers with minimal water usage.

Such domestic and foreign models belong to “A” class dishwashers – the most effective ones in terms of water saving:

  • water usage per cycle in Bosch dishwasher does not exceed 10 liters due to the innovative water circulation system;
  • with similar washing conditions, the appliances of the German Siemens brand consume about 7 liters of water and are characterized by low energy consumption;
  • average water usage rate of Ariston dishwashers range from 8-10 liters per cycle;
  • high-quality models from the world’s leading manufacturer Electrolux spend no more than ten liters for one wash cycle;
  • Candy’s range of products includes convenient and economical dishwashers with a water usage rate of 8-13 liters of water per cycle;
  • Indesit, the largest European manufacturer of household appliances, offers models with an average water usage rate of up to 7 liters per wash cycle.

Eco wash features


Eco wash mode is based on the principle of repeated use of water which passes through a filter several times during a wash.

Dishwashers fill with water a couple of times during the whole cycle in order to deliver preliminary and final rinse of dishes under high-pressure sprays of water.

The following simple options may help to significantly reduce water usage:

  • the use of special dishwashing detergents;
  • eco wash setting;
  • using loads that fill half of the dishwasher’s capacity.

How to choose the best option

How to choose the best option on the dishwasher

There are 3 types of dishwashers according to their water usage rate. These are:

  • water efficient dishwashers
  • dishwashers with normal water efficiency
  • dishwashers with low water efficiency

Each category is represented by two or three classes:

  • water efficient appliances include “A”, “B”, and “C” class dishwashers;
  • appliances with average water efficiency include “D” and “E” class dishwashers;
  • non-efficient dishwashers are represented by the “F” and “G” classes.

Models made by prominent manufacturers belong to “A”, “B” and “C” class appliances.

“D”, “F” and “G” class dishwashers are not manufactured in the EU countries and are prohibited for importing to most countries.

The alphanumeric marking also includes “+” symbols – the number of pluses indicates the quality and efficiency of the appliance.