How much water does a dishwasher use

Of course, it will hugely depend on their age and brand. The general rule says: the more expensive the dishwasher is, the less water it consumes. However, no matter how simple or old your dishwasher might be, total water usage per cycle will rarely exceed 20 liters. And for most of the newest models, this value “fits” within 10 liter mark.

How much water does a dishwasher use

In many ways, water usage depends on the type of selected program and the amount of grease on dishes. If you want to save water, you only need to soak dishes with burnt or dried food residues in hot water for a short period of time, and it will help the dishwasher easily cope with its work even in eco wash setting.

Dishwasher saving water

Now, just imagine: it is capable of washing 10-12 sets of dishes using a single bucket of water. And how much water will you spend? Open tap releases about 10 liters of water per minute. How much time will you need to wash 10 sets with your own hands? It will require not less than 100 liters, which is ten times more than the amount of water your dishwasher will need for the same number of plates.

Even if we assume that you are a super-thrifty person who washes dishes under a thin stream of water or in a filled sink, you are unlikely to spend less than 40-50 liters of water. At the same time, further reduction in water usage will surely affect the quality of your washing. Thus, we are able to save at least 4-5 times more water. Each wash cycle saves you from 30 to 40 liters, that is, about a cubic meter of water per month if you wash your dishes every day.

The quality of washing that dishwashers offer today surpasses the efforts of even the most hard working homeowners. The secret is simple: it is a combination of high temperature (up to 70 ° C) and highly active detergents.