How to clean the filter in a dishwasher

Dishwashers require regular care in order to work effectively. It is recommended to clean the drain filter after each use (or at least once a week) from all sorts of contaminants: food residues, pieces of napkins, grease. Ignoring this rule reduces the productivity of the device and leads to bad consequences: water accumulates at the bottom, you might hear the noise and notice unpleasant smell and fungus. A clogged filter does not let the water drain easily, which can lead to malfunction of the pump, fan or motor. Some models have a cleaning reminder function, which displays a notification on the control panel.

Dishwashers from different manufacturers have the same design and principle of operation. There are three basic filters:

  • The main filter, located in the central part at the bottom of the chamber under the lower spray arm, is a small metal u-shaped mesh with a round hole;

micro filter dishwasher

  • micro filter which looks like a plastic glass with a fine mesh on the sides is inserted into the round hole of the main filter;

coarse filter dishwasher

  • Plastic coarse filter is located inside micro filter, it detains large food residues.

remove the dishwasher filter

You need to remove the filters in order to clean them. It is quite easy if you follow certain steps.

  1. Remove the lower basket. It is enough to simply roll it out on the door.
  2. Rotate the coarse filter anti-clockwise, remove it from the hole.

How to clean the filter in a dishwasher

  1. Grab the round top of the main filter and lift it out.

remove the rough filter of the dishwasher

  1. To remove the coarse filter, you need to simultaneously push two tabs located at the top of the filter.
  2. Thoroughly wash all parts with warm running water. If necessary, use a brush and detergent.
  3. Put all the parts back on their places.
  4. Fix the micro filter by rotating it clockwise until you hear a click. Make sure it sits tightly in the hole. Do not forget that incorrect installation can affect the quality of dishwashing.

clean the filter in a dishwasher

Cleaning the dishwasher filters takes 2-5 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination. Always scrap large food deposits off the dishes before putting them inside the dishwasher. Use the appliance for its intended purpose: do not wash combs, children’s toys, glued dishes, sponges, anything that could damage or clog the filter. Clean the camera on a regular basis. In this case your dishwasher will not cause trouble and will surely become your favorite assistant in the kitchen.