How to Clear the Error Code LE on a Samsung Dishwasher?

The LE error code indicates a leak.

Check the base of the dish washer and the drain hose at its back. Check other hoses, connections, the tub and drain pump.

Possible causes:

  1. The heating element has gone off its mounts and damaged/disconnected the hose.
  2. The air hose is disconnected, and water begins to leak at the drying stage.
  3. The tank is damaged near the transit bolts.
  4. Suds forming due to too much detergent used.
  5. The hose between the dispenser and the tub is not connected properly.
  6. The drain filter cap is not installed properly.
  7. The drain hose is leaking.
  8. Damaged gasket washers.
  9. The diaphragm is in a reversed position or the rubber seal is blocking the flow.
  10. Bolts that hold the tank and the front panel together are not positioned properly.